Some minor character and game re works

  • Starting off viktor's ability to heal by running is just not fair to enemy players when attacking viktor running is overpowered enough not mentioining viktors can run into walls just to heal wich eliminates the use of a support class if i had to give my opinion it would be to limit his running by adding a bar that slowly decreases while he runs as a stamina bar secondly if viktor has the ability to heal while running and is unchangeable then balance out the rate of which he heals.

    Pip Just isnt fullfilling the role of a support class i think it is safe to say it would make more sence for him to be a damage class.

    Lastly skys bomb can we just look at how much damage it does compared to bomb king's bomb which deals 2500 damage which is fair as he is " the bomb king" but when skye has a more powerful bomb than his just isnt agreeable for an enemy opposing skye which atleast one of the opposing teams has one of its just one of the most played characters a suggestion on how to fix is keep the damage and lower the range the radius shouldnt be that long.

    The game doesnt feel lime its fully completed as i have noticed the ps4 version has 2 major problems (atleast for me) mute option for my mic
    2.for some reason i get blasted sky high when i am eliminated.

    Thanks for reading. Hope you agree with some things

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    With Viktor? Caut. Ez gg.

    Skye's Debilitate is a bit silly considering it gives tanks about 1.6-2s to die, but her other Talents are fine, it's just that Debilitate is so much more powerful, that you're basically not given a choice between anything else.

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