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    just tell me how self healing can be meta? when caut 3 exists
    just tell me why you never see good players buying life reap if this is self healing meta?
    then maybe 2 tank is meta, but solo tank works as well (you could even see that yesterday during pml for exemple)
    why is jenos meta if it's a healing meta? he doesn't have burst heal at all, people play jenos for a dmg buff not for his healing output

    Well, you keep insisting... and it's fine, I don't want to repeat the same things for the 3rd time, ask to professional players then.
    So tell me, if it isn't sustain, what is meta right now??

    yes we complained about mobility, because some flanks for exemple, don't have any decent mobility, but seriously, when you see that maeve for exemple has already that mobility and it makes her op already, why would you need more mobility than that? the triple jump was bullshit

    maybe I misunderstood or you wrote wrong but what you said just proves that the nerfs weren't needed and the old mobility was fine.
    You said it yourself , "we complained because flankers don't have any decent mobility".
    And that's exactly the point of the discussion.
    They nerfed mobility with the excuse of "HYPERMOBILITY" but they ended up ruining an entire class, the flanker one.
    The old mobility was fine, it shouldn't have been removed, flankers were supposed to be like that, very mobile characters that can deal consistent dmg at close range.
    But as most part of the comminity noticed , flankers right now have garbage mobility and too much burst, they are just close range damage dealers and more poke is going to completely merge the 2 classes.
    I agree that meave doesn't need more mobility, she is fine (even if I'd rather nerf her poke by adding more proj. Drop off or dmg fall off and compensate with more speed on prowl).
    I agree triple jump was bullshit, it was never picked and basically useless... however it was very fun 😞
    But all the old mobility talents were removed unnecessarily, they were fine and far from being "hypermobile" or "META".
    Bounce house was fine, dark stalker was fine, OTM sucked, Cat boulgar sucked, Acrobatics sucked, aeral assault was fine... stop using the hypermobility excuse, it's so goddamn cringey ffs!

    andro is my most played champion, right now his dashes were nerfed too much, but at the time he had the old dark stalker...that was way too op, now andro is fine, he just need reversal fixed, a slight increase on dash speed, and you have a balanced champ, don't need to have the old dark stalker back, I don't want all people to play andro cuz he's op, the same way people started to play willo cause she's op

    Great to have an androxus main here, I play him a lot too. But maybe you forgot how balanced and hard to play he was when he had dark stalker. He wasn't OP at all, the talent was also nerfed in ob51... Dark stalker just provided a better dash management but overall he didn't give additional dashes or less cooldown. It even increased the cooldown, every charge had 4 sec cooldown, this means that if you used all your 3 steps you had to wait 2 sec more than the normal cooldown (12 sec instead of 10)
    Dark stalker was just a "life improvement" for a player that didn't want to manage dashes and waste them... I don't get how can it be considered OP.
    In my opinion this talent should come back and be in basekit, this would help andro a little because right now he depends too much on 1 specific build (the reset one + godslayer).

    just look what they did to willo and the result, they buffed her mobility, now she's destroying mostly any other champ, she got 10% increased winrate since the buff, just for a tiny bit of mobility, and people want a slight debuff already, the buff was needed, it was just too much

    The problem with willo isn't the new distance, it's the DR card + the buffed cooldown card.
    They should rework the DR with some heals or air control, idk.

    finally, dark stalker was changed way before crossplay, the same as all old mobility talents actually, but anyway I'm not talking about console here

    PS : I have played tf2, and I don't even see why you bring it up here, the 2 games are clearly different, game modes are different, and there is no high mobility whatsoever in tf2, plus tf2 is quite well balanced but that's not the question here since paladins ain't tf2

    How many hours did you spend on tf2 lmao??
    From what I hear it seems that you only played 1 match , got rekted and unistalled the game.
    TF2 is very similar to paladins : customizable loadouts that prevent different playstyles, 3 classes with different roles, same gamemodes (the payload one, the one with 2 carts and even king of the hill whete you have to contest 1 point).
    And tf2 is probably the game with the highest mobility, every class can have absurd amount of moviment with certain weapons, loadouts or even by basekit.
    Soldier can make huge rocket jumps, demoman can travel huge distances with sticky bombs (it's basically old accelerant with no cooldown), scount is incredibly fast, he can double jump (he can even do 5 jumps with a weapon), Engineer can shoot rockets from his lvl 3 turret and travel huge distances, spy can be invisible and have a lot speed, demoman can also sprint if you use a shield. The only 2 slow characters are heavy and sniper. The ttk is also fairly high and characters requires a lot of pratice, aim and gamesense to be played.

  • @Driggydrug said in Over the Moon:

    The meta is now healing/self healing because it's the only thing that counters OP ez burst.


    why wouldn't it be idk damage reduction, since it's more reliable

  • @TangAce said in Over the Moon:

    PS : I have played tf2, and I don't even see why you bring it up here, the 2 games are clearly different, game modes are different, and there is no high mobility whatsoever in tf2, plus tf2 is quite well balanced but that's not the question here since paladins ain't tf2

    you're kidding me right?

    have you not heard of sticky and rocket jumping?

    sentry jumping?

    air strafes?

    the first 3 are in any comp match

  • PC

    yeah I know all these, but can you call that "hyper" mobility? also you take self damage when doing most of these
    and the 2 games are very different anyway, you can't compare, especially not mobility-wise since the mobility isn't even implemented the same way

  • @TangAce I was just pointing out that there was high mobility, since you mentioned there being no high mobility, and there are health packs to top them back up

  • @TangAce
    You can reduce or delete the self damage with some weapons.
    Sticky jumper and rocket jumper are 2 well known and very popular items, they deal no self damage, you can spam rocket jumps and sticky jumps as much as you want but you don't deal damage to enemies (but that is not a problem since you can swap to a secondary weapon or the melee one).
    And guess what, theese weapons are balanced and fun (rocket jumper + market gardeneer playstyle isn't even viable but is fun asf) even if they provide an infinite amount of mobility
    This proves that high mobility is healthy if balanced well and fortunately paladins is one of thoose games who can handle very mobile characters.

    PS. Tf2 isn't identichal to paladins ofc but it's very similar in gamemodes, loadouts, classes and characters... Even hirez admitted that paladins was inspired to tf2.

  • @Driggydrug said in Over the Moon:

    Even hirez admitted that paladins was inspired to tf2.

    also global agenda, right?

    (is there high mobility there?)

  • @Zeebuoy I don't know that game

  • Otm used to be 30% and it got nerfed twice.
    The 20% otm only allows her to save 1 extra shot against targets that are 2000 hp or lower.
    If they get blast shields 1, then it completely counters the talent and she will need 3 direct shots again for the squishiest targets.
    Otm just doesn't mathematically make sense anymore.

  • @OrangeGirl This is why I suggested to buff it.

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