My brother purchased a skin with bounty coins and after a day it was removed from his inventory.

  • It happened last week when there was a Lex skin in the store able to be purchased with bounty coins. After the purchase, my brother was able to use the skin just fine. It was later on that the skin got removed for no apparent reason.

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    Moved to Players helping players: Ask/answer a question. If your brother is missing purchased items, he can submit a support ticket.

  • @Borvik Thanks! Ive already submitted a support request few days ago, but Hirez support doesn't seem to be responding. Should I send a second support request?

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    @HayashiRi There may be delayed response times during the pandemic/holiday season.

  • @Borvik Thanks again.

    I got two updates to my issue. Firstly the positive one is that I got a response to my second support ticket, and it told me basically that they are aware of the problem and they are currently trying to fix it. However, the second update is very upsetting; today I logged in and discovered that 5 more skins purchased previously with bounty coins were removed from the account. And also there was a complete loss of all the bounty coins that the account possessed. I already reported my new issue, and hope for it to be fixed soon.

  • Update to the issue: It's been almost a month since the problem started, and it is still ongoing. The frustrating part is that Hi-Rez returns the skin and the bounty coins, but when everything seems fine, they are once more removed. Due to this, you miss out on many skins in the store, and also the ability to gain new bounty coins (without mentioning that some skins have not been returned). Hope they can put an end to this constant adding and removing.

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    @HayashiRi If the store is offline, everyone loses skins as well, because both things are connected. In the future, promotions that often cause problems will likely be scheduled only on working days so developers can fix them faster.

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