This Week in the Realm | August 12 - 18

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    Happy Monday, Champions, it's Update Show week!

    • Last Friday night, the Evil Mojo team released a hotfix for an exploit. You should no longer see instances of this in your games. We have taken action against players who abused this issue.
    • Last Wednesday, the team released a hotfix on all platforms, fixing a few issues we saw pop up in live and enabling Io in Ranked queues. Check out everything we fixed here!


    • 4AM ET | Free Champion Rotation: Makoa, Drogoz, Maeve, Io 🦊
    • 12 PM ET | Pirate's Treasure Update Show. Tune in on Mixer!



    • Afternoon | Estimated release date for the Pirate's Treasure PTS

    Weekend Event

    It's a great time to introduce your friends to Paladins! Jump right in and enjoy All Champions Unlocked & Double BP XP!

    Weekly Wisdom with @Neco : Keep getting surprised by Champions engaging you suddenly out of stealth? Can't find that pesky stealthed flank? Try picking up Illuminate, which increases the area in which a stealthed enemy is revealed.

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    Thanks Molly!

    This patch will probably get me hooked

  • Cool patch 🙂

  • Thanks for the free champs

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