Match System is Garbage

  • Newer Paladins player, FPS player for 25 years. Ranking up slowly but nicely, proficient in a few classes. I've seen a lot of games, never have I seen a worst match system then Paladins and I can't understand why. I approached this game by playing casual for months to gain a level of proficiency before joining ranked play. Silly me, when I joined ranked play I realized no one else did that... anywhoo.

    There are the AFK's and spawn sitting trolls, every couple days, sometimes once a day, I get a match with one of them, Paladins seems powerless to deal with this with a kick and replace like any other game and the remaining 4 active players get punished with a downrank for the loss.

    Then there is this ladder climb that is great but it is only based on if you win or loose a match. Climbing the ladder puts you at the mercy of your teammates. This would not be a bad thing except you could have one teammate playing a level 98 and another teammate playing a level 1 they have hardly any experience with. So yay you get to 4 man a match and the other team gets ez points killing the level1, then one teammate gets fed up with the crappy player and goes afk in spawn so now your 3 manning the map so you loose, downranking again, this is a weekly occurrence at least, sometimes twice a week.

    Why not join maps by character level , like I want to play a match with all level 1-10, everyone in that match only plays characters that are level 1-10 all others are greyed out or 10-30, 30-60, 60-100. This allows players with a certain level of proficiency with a character to play against like opponent's. Honestly if newer players could safely get their skills up against other 1-10's their progression would be better, they would have more fun and they would learn quicker. Well rank up you say it gets better? Easier said then done, refer to the second and third paragraph above.

    Bronze is just a hot mess to play through and the fact that your progression is repeatedly hamstringed by poor match system design, afk trolls and being lumped onto teams with people who have no business setting foot in a ranked match is a real turnoff for me to continue playing this game. It's a shame because the gameplay itself is fantastic.

  • I too have had issues with ranked matchmaking. I have played a total of 2 matches in ranked. The first one was fine, but the second....not so much. I've come to learn that if you want to run ranked, have a party of people/friends that actually want to play the game.
    I did report the toxicity and poor matchmaking to the devs, but I'm unsure on whether or not they actually did something about it or not. But that is why, as of this post, I only play casual.

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