Translating the game in italian

  • Greetings, my name's Massimiliano and this is my first post on the forum, and i wanted to say that a thing i commonly see when other players from my country play the game (by the way, i'm italian) it's the constant frustation of not understanding what the game's saying. Is there some kind of way to contact the developers and ask for it or to help them? I've seen many games with this problem and devs, if you end up reading this, copying the game's lines into google translate it's a really bad idea, please don't do it. I've seen that in other games and Italian's one of the most screwed-up languages in google translater, so i think it's more convenient to contact someone good at speaking it.
    I don't know if there were previous posts with the same content as mine but in case there are some i'll delete this post so it will not end up as spam.
    To whoever has come this far down my post, thank you for your attention.
    Edit: if i posted it in the wrong section, i'm so very sorry, i'll provide to fix

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