Foxver - Ranger Raider

  • Name: Foxver
    Title: Ranger Raider
    Race: Human
    Faction: Neutral
    Group: Raiders "Remaining"
    Role (Class): Damage
    HP (Health Points): 2100
    Weapon: 17504494.jpg

    Lore Raiders (Part 1 - Burden empire): Once upon a time, the ancestors of the raiders were significant citizens of the collapsed empire. Burden empire was created about a thousand years ago as a city. The history of the empire as a city is unknown, most likely the inhabitants were uneducated. However, at the end of the history of the city - the beginning of the history of the kingdom "Burdenland", one army commander ruled. He became ruler thanks to the civil war, which he himself initiated. This war took a lot of people and because of this the city could disappear forever if the commander was not skillful. The commander started a civil war due to the fact that, in his opinion, magicians and sorcerers are to blame for the degradation of the cityс

    He knew that educated people are the power of the kingdom, so the commander began a massive compulsory education. It was under him that xenophobia first appeared in relation to magicians and races that do not belong to humans. The general finds a wife and establishes a monarchy. When his son grew up to the mark he could rule after his father.

    Son's politics are different from father's. The new king treats all races with friendliness, which disgusted some of the assistants, while others, on the contrary, with respect. The son was heading for the economic path, and not the military as his father wanted. However, there is one thing that the politics of the son unites with the politics of the father: the importance of education and hatred of magicians. The execution of wizards and sorcerers stopped shortly before the collapse of the empire, when the penultimate tsar issued a decree prohibiting the oppression of magicians and their senseless killing. (We will come there a little later).

    Education, knowledge of magic and the ban on them can be a catalyst for strikes and rebellion. Some close to the king were the leaders of the rebellion of the magicians and even one rebellions could be successful. One uprising, which came close to success, was led by a certain Afard Von Krausky, commander of the army, and assistant Howard, the chief cultist of the "revival". The rebels killed 4 of 5 sons and King Altman the Guardian. With the fifth son, the rebels wanted to kill him, and the leaders to use as a puppet for their power and to arrange a dictatorship of magicians (that is, like the sorcerer Galender). However, they did not succeed, their son was saved by the troops under the leadership of Karl Minin, the commander of the kingdom's army and Dmitriy Lavrentius, a respected blacksmith and merchant. The organization of the uprising rested only on Afard and the goal of each of the rebels was different and everyone did not care about magic, mostly dissatisfaction with the king and his rule. Howard betrayed Krauski as a narcissistic jerk and decided to take it all with his own hands. Voluntarily goes to the liberators and gives the location of the leader to them.

    When Krausky was killed, Howard was tortured and sent into exile with a shameful mark instead of a reward. Didrich, when he grew up and under the leadership of Karl, he issued a decree on the creation of the hierarchy of the kingdom, later the empire, and the prohibition of the mention of magic and what is connected with it. After that, education ceased to be universal, but only for the higher hierarchy and important works - a blacksmith, later engineers, merchants, doctors.

    When a tough sorcerer seized power in one kingdom, the ruler broke off relations with this kingdom and declared an embargo. Burdenland kingdom was one of the few who opposed the sorcerer and joined the side of the liberators, the veterans - the ancestors of the paladins.

    After defeating the sorcerer, the kingdom takes the territories of the sorcerer's puppets, and after a while becomes an empire. Kingdom "Burdenland" becomes Burden Empire. Otto IV becomes the last king of the kingdom and the first emperor. The empire began to spread its laws in other territories, where it is under the control of the empire. Because of this, once the magicians who lived before the arrival of the empire were forced to leave their home, otherwise they will be executed. The emperor combined his idea with a decree on hierarchy, making a charter of aristocracy. Any race could become an aristocrat, but there were requirements: They should not be magicians, have a good reputation with the empire and the emperor's permission to create a dynasty of an aristocrat. When the aristocracy became a lot, the emperor began to restrict and remove those aristocrats who had a negative attitude towards the emperor.

    After hundreds of years, a political crisis sets in, when Emperor Adler VI died, two heirs of the empire were arguing: the aristocratic emperor Fyodor von Krauser and the people's tsar Nikolai Mauser. Because of this, the first civil war in the empire or the second in the history of the state began. The civil war ended with the victory of the tsar over the emperor, but at what cost. Large losses on both sides, some territories of the empire were captured by kingdoms and separatists.

    For the first time, a decree was issued on magicians: they cannot be killed like cattle, they are citizens of the empire, but they still cannot use magic. The opponents of the magicians were furious at the tsar's decision. And the aristocrats were not happy, their salaries were reduced, additional buns were given, all citizens were given freedom of speech and aristocrats had to pay high taxes.

    But the reign of Nicholas III was not long (4-6 years), he died of a heart attack. Then his son Peter I became the new tsar. Peter issued a decree on serfdom, now magicians are serfs - the lower class. If before the reform the aristocracy used magicians as slaves illegally, then after Peter's decree, now everything is legally and slaves are called serfs. Peter was one of the few rulers who was loved by both the people and the aristocrats. He made many reforms: The return of the decree on the aristocracy before the revolution, leaving only freedom of speech; army reform, language reform. And for the first time there were attempts to create firearms. Peter hired dwarfs engineers from other kingdoms to train imperial blacksmiths, and later engineers, how to create a single-shot rifle called muskets. It took tens - hundreds of years to make a successful, and then mass firearms.

    The penultimate tsar Ortvin II, a descendant of Peter I, creates the last decree on magicians: Liberation of magicians from serfdom; aristocrats are obliged to let the magicians go if they want to; magicians are residents of the empire and create a council of magicians. Despite the fact that the murder of magicians and their mockery is already punishable, the descendants of the magicians of those lands that existed before the arrival of the empire are still afraid to return there.

    Ortvin III, son of Ortvin II, the last tsar and first emperor, many years after the civil war between the tsar and the emperor, tried to return some decrees before the revolution, but the council of magicians did not allow this. Even after the decree of the penultimate tsar, there were attacks on the magicians, and their army began to accept only the decree of the last emperor.

    The last emperor was, according to the first researchers, Richard II, according to others Eugene I, i.e. there are disputes over who was the last emperor. It was precisely for the collapse of the empire that ambitious plans were made: the creation of air and ground transports for the first time, the creation of multiply charged weapons, etc. Not everyone was able to implement the plans, but they only managed to do it with high quality with multiply charged weapons. Even that was not ideal, so it was necessary to correct the mistakes of the original idea, but this will never happen.

    The last war ended with the collapse of an empire. Reasons for the collapse of the empire: the uprising of the magicians due to the dissolution of the council of magicians; long war and war of one empire against the rest of the kingdoms; large union of kingdoms. The spirit of the imperial army fell, after it was known about the death of the emperor, the attackers did not spare anyone.

    Technologies that did not take much time, costs and what they managed to take, the Imperials left with them. And the rest of the blueprints were either lost in the salvation, or destroyed by the army of the kingdoms. (This is where the history of the empire ends and the history of the raiders begins)

  • Lore Raiders (Part 2 - Raiders "Remaining"): When, many years later, the wizards returned to their land, they decided to take revenge on the inhabitants of the empire for the murder, torture and abuse of their ancestors. Few residents were able to escape the wrath of the magicians and the cruelty of the invaders, and the military only a few.

    The commander Rudolph Avgutsky with engineers, doctors, military, civilians and convoys with food, weapons and ammunition leave their lands, once belonging to the empire. they often made overnight stays, defended themselves from the barbarians and from the following knights of the kingdoms. However, during the wandering, travelers lose their people and convoys, thus they were forced to stay in one place for a very long time, where the tribes live. Surprisingly for travelers, the barbarians do not attack immediately. Then the commander decided to talk to the leader of the tribe and they only let him in and then with caution.

    The leader offered Avgutsky a permanent place of residence, in exchange for cooperation and protection from other barbarians. Rudolph agrees because he has no other choice. With consent, the rest of the surviving Imperials were able to pass through and began installing machines that could carry away and field kitchens. The survivors fear that the natives might use their technology against them and kill them.

    But after a while, another tribe of barbarians attacked them, the defenders were mainly with a ball, an ax and a shield, while the attackers also had magicians. The only advantage for the defenders is the musket wanderers. During the first attack, the tribal leader and his assistants were killed, as well as most of the surviving war emperors. Only a few of the military survived, including Rudolph. Rudolph takes command and begins to beat off the attackers. Avgutsky thinks that after a successful defense, the barbarians will kill him and his people. However, to his surprise, they began to worship him.

    When all the natives recognized him as a deity, he told his people that they needed help in rebuilding the empire. Others thought that Rudolph was crazy, but there were those who were ready to help him. The Imperials teach the natives to use their weapons and technology. Farmers teach how to make crops, officers how to fight properly and how to use them, engineers and blacksmiths how to make good weapons with limited resources. At the same time, the natives teach the Imperials primitive guerrilla methods.

    During the second attack, the defenders repulsed the attackers with almost no losses, and the attackers lost more soldiers than in the first. When old Rudolph sees that the enemy is weak, he ordered an attack. He believed that the best defense is assault. When Rudolph, together with the troops attacked the enemy tribe, he executed their leader personally and said with the translator that if you do not want to repeat his fate, then surrender and join us. The survivors surrendered, and those who did not decide to surrender were executed. The same hatred of magicians was passed on to the natives.

    When Rudolph dies of old age, his son will continue to rule. With each new heir, the traces of the empire become less and less and reaches the point where only tactics, weapons, methods and hierarchy remain from the traces of the empire. And the tribes become more organized, more professional, smarter than their rivals and become raiders.

    Once a kingdom started a war against savages, including raiders. The kingdom's army wiped out the tribes with ease, but when they got to the raiders, the troops weren't expecting this: unknown weapons, well trained. Because of this, some parts of the troops fled in panic, in general they suffered not weak losses. The king was furious, then he sent more troops to destroy the raiders. The raiders were able to repulse the second, but the losses were heavy. Then the leader ordered to take everything necessary and find a new safe place. When the king personally, together with a large army, went to the raiders, but they were no longer there, they left.

    However, during their travels, a conflict arose between them. The chief says that you need to go north (where the temporarily abandoned quarry is located), and his adviser says that you need to go south, to warm territories. So the whole group was divided into two parts: Northern (Remaining) - conservative, hate magicians, neutral to other races, and Southern (Revival) - more radical, xenophobic to non-human races, more loyal to magicians, in contrast to the North.

    The fate of the southern is unknown (Perhaps they were enslaved by darkness or they are all dead). When the northern reaches the quarry, temporarily set up a camp. For the first time in a long time, they began to make massive muskets and decided to do a weapon experiment (since there were a lot of resources, and the raiders had blacksmiths and engineers). Before the arrival of the dwarf army, they tried to combine melee weapons with firearms. Some weapons were successfully combined, some were not. They also tried to create good armor, but they turned out in the best cases of average quality, and the worst ones were a waste of resources.

    When the dwarfs came, they saw that the raiders were taking away the machines and attacking indiscriminately, the raiders were striking back. Both sides have muskets, but the dwarfs had many and the highest quality, and the raiders of the same quality had several, mostly of average or low quality. The raiders suffered losses, but managed to get away from here and at the same time captured several good machine tools.

    They settled on abandoned villages, most likely belonging to the dwarves. The villages are located with a mine and a large mountain. However, some territory is occupied by other groups and tribes (From winter savages to organized criminals and war dwarf deserters). The leader realizes that it is impossible to survive alone, then he tries to find allies. However, the problem is that either alliances were rejected or were not profitable.

    The raiders managed to conclude alliances between two groups: the "Red Rose" bandits - a female (human) criminal organization led by Alice "Bloody", and the "stonebreakers" group - the former dwarfs miners who were abandoned by their own kings. The "stonebreakers" have one ally, the enemy of the raiders is the dwarfs deserters. The union of the "Red Rose" and the "Remaining" is shaky, the bandits are not very pleasant to men, and the raiders hated women if they were magicians (Considering them witches). When a raider man and a bandit woman fell in love with each other, because of this they could break the alliance and start a war with each other. However, they did not start, they knew that if they start a war with each other, others can finish them off.

    Decades after the arrival of the raiders in the area, everything has changed. Dwarves deserters and miners left this place, while giving all the territories to the raiders, who held them until they left. The Red Rose and another tribe have joined the raiders. At the same time, the most powerful group, "Worshipers of the Dark," devoured the weak tribes and groups. A long war began between the worshipers of darkness and the raiders, which lasted a century. Raiders made new allies (albeit temporarily), while fanatics devoured and enslave the weak.

    When their forces are equal, they started the war on their own, and not with the help of puppets and allies. First, sorcerers win, because there are many of them and the magician has advantages, when the only thing that raiders can boast of is manufacturability. Raiders try to create multi-charge weapons when the empire tried to do it. At that time, magicians are not going to change anything. The only thing that prevented the fans from finishing off the raiders was their weakness - an addiction to magic, without magic they cannot fight. The raiders tried to destroy their magic sources. Even though they did not destroy all sources, it was enough to weaken the fanatics and counterattack in the future.

    They managed to create one excellent multiply charged weapon, when the fanatics had already reached the raider base, the rest turned out to be failures or break after a while. It was a good weapon that was given to a good fighter and cartridges for him. There were both rifles and revolvers, the rifle turned out well. The war lasts 20 years and only after a decisive battle, the raiders attack the fanatics. It took the raiders 5 years to defeat the fanatics - the destruction of the main troops and partisans. However, they still needed 75 years for complete destruction. some mages disguise themselves as raiders, and some hide behind invisibility.

    A warrior with a rifle was proclaimed a hero and protector from magicians. During the battle, he died, his corpse and rifle were taken by brothers in arms. At first, the warrior wanted to give the rifle to the eldest son, but he died before his father, and did not want the youngest, since the youngest son was studying to be an engineer, so he believed that it was a shame for a warrior. His body was buried, and they began to take care of the rifle, since this rifle is the only one.

    After a bloody war and the final destruction of fanatics, the raiders control the entire zone. The beginning of the golden age, the raiders mainly from firearms possess pistols and muskets, multiple-charge weapons - a few. Despite the power of the raiders, paladins and ... do not consider them to be threats, because raiders rarely go out to attack villages and have a place for farming. For the first time in a long time, raiders can send their own on reconnaissance, as well as on a long journey.

    However, at the end of the golden age, the raiders have a civil war between the conservatives (saving the ark) and the reformists (restoring the kingdom, later the empire). The conservatives won because there were a large number of troops over the reformists, and the location factors played a cruel joke on the reformists. Most did not know what an empire and a kingdom were, but they knew what a state was. Many reformists were considered insane, and those who knew the kingdom and empire believed that their ancestors nearly perished because of imperial ambition.

    The war of the raiders with the Magistrate began even before the civil war between the paladins. The Magistrate had a large number of troops and their reliability, but the raiders had the advantages that they used for the first 10 years. The magistrate does not know the location of the raider base and the raiders could surprise them with multiply charged weapons.

    The raiders began to know about crystals after they stole in a city where they mined crystals. At first, the raiders considered the crystals useless, so they did not take more. But after a while, they again carry crystals, because one of the scouts reported to the leader that crystals are used as a source of energy and even as an improvement in tools. Then after that, the quality of the raiders' weapons became better and the massive appearance of multiply charged firearms began.

    At this point, the number of raiders has already equaled the number of troops in the early era of the kingdom. For the first time, their own weapons appear, which use crystals as cartridges, and not stolen as decades ago. Despite yielding power to the resistance, the raiders are able to respond to any attacker who decides to take their territory. Also recently (15-40 years ago) began to be engaged in the protection of travelers and convoys on their territory for money or in exchange for something.

    Lore (Foxver): He is a descendant of a great warrior who saved his people from fanatical sorcerers. The father is a scout, and the mother is a doctor. But he was raised as a child by his uncle, a descendant of the warrior's youngest son. Mom could not educate because she needs to look after the soldiers and she cannot leave. His father is not interested in social education, so his uncle is an engineer, he teaches Foxver the basic concept. The father often clashed with Foxver's uncle, believing that his son should be raised by mom and dad or godfathers, who are warriors.

    When he was 12 years old, the father, for a long time, pays attention to his son. He teaches how to fight with a sword, knife, dagger and how to handle weapons. It is clear that Foxver did not love his father much because of his ignorance, but as he began to hurt for disobedience, he berated his father. In response, he began to beat his son in a rage, but his mother and uncle stopped him. Mom began to heal his wounds, and his uncle distracts his father on himself. Then a fist fight began, where the father knocks out his uncle's tooth.

    The fight was stopped by the brother-in-arms's father. He told him that it was necessary to punish for disobedience, but not, like his father, he also condemned both Foxver's father and uncle. Foxver considers the engineer's uncle his father than his real father.

    A couple of months later he is taken away and he meets with his father again. The meeting was cold, he hated his father, and the father considered his son a weakling. For 6 years he was taught in combat techniques, shooting and scout skills under the leadership of his father. The only brother in arms to condemn the brutality of his commander is Goverl. He gave advice to a new recruit and tells his story of how he became a scout.

    When he turned 18, he went on the first mission with Goverl and completed it. Slowly but surely he climbed his career and rose from rookie to experienced when he was 26 years old.

    But one event did not change everything for the better. When a fight took place between the father and Goverl, all its participants watched how to fight. The commander defeats his soldier and began to beat him to death, some were horrified, others looked with pleasure. There was a fight to death. Foxver intervenes in the fight, punches his father hard in the face, got in the nose, so he broke it, and helps Goverl. Everyone was outraged and at the same time shocked by this act. Some called him a rat, others called him a real friend. The father was angry and happy at the same time. He told everyone in public that he had desecrated the blood of the warriors. But after a while he told Foxver in his ear that he was good. At first Foxver thought that for the first time a real father was proud of his son, but after a while he thought it was not necessary, because the father publicly humiliated him. Goverl thanked for saving, but said that he did not do it better.

    To wash away the shame, Foxver performed the so-called "forgiving deeds". He was beaten, did the dirtiest work. The raiders treated their people with a shameful label negatively. Usually they were either executed or thrown out to their fate, only in rare cases they were given "forgiving tasks".

    When Foxver had completed almost all the tasks, he was given the last one - to kill the monster together with the man who had defiled his dignity, that is, with his father. However, unlike normal hunting, there were conditions: The accused is fully forgiven only if he brought the monster's head and only he will return. If the head is brought by the accuser or both return, the accused is killed or driven out of his native territory and left to fend for himself. The charges are not equally divided and not in favor of the accused. the accuser gets the best: a musket with several magazines, an axe with a shield, medium armor that can protect against monster attacks, and a Torch. and the accused gets only leather armor that does not protect, two daggers - one good quality, the second bad, and a Torch. At the same time, they can kill each other if necessary, but again there are reservations: if the prosecutor killed the accused and did not bring the monster's head, they will not do anything to him. And if on the contrary - the accused kills the accuser and there is no head with him, then he will be considered a traitor.

    Father and son go to the cave and look for the monster. When they find a sleeping monster, Foxver try to kill it before it wakes up. However, the father does not aim at the monster, but at his son, but deliberately makes a mistake, thereby waking the monster. The monster runs away, then the father pounces on him and tries to kill him, but he pushes the attacker away.
    Father: This moment has come, I will see if you have changed and become a warrior or remained a weakling...
    Foxver: You are sick!? We came to the cave to kill the monster, not each other.
    Father: You have never understood and probably will not understand, a human is the most terrible creature.

    They fought desperately, Foxver wanted to take revenge on his father for defiling him and mocking him, and his father tested him for a warrior. The father was close to killing his son, but the monster attacked him, thereby fatally wounding him. The father is waiting for his son to kill, but despite the fact that Foxver hated his father, he did not intend to kill. Father is at a loss and saying why don't you kill me. In response, the son said that he had more important things to do than kill you. Then the father began to smile, laugh softly, and said to himself that his son would become a warrior. Foxver was surprised that his father started to smile at him, but then quickly turned away from his father and went after the monster.

    When he found the monster, the battle began. Foxver was able to deal several fatal blows to the monster, but it is already ready to kill, if not intervened the commander of the scouts, his father. He shot the monster in the head, killing it, but fell to the ground. Father is proud of his son that he passed all the tests and became a real warrior. Foxver said to him: why did you start to be proud of me just now and why did he help, and not leave him. He had deliberately raised his son to become independent of everyone, to remain himself even if his own people were against him. When son fought the monster and his father, he realized that his son had become a real warrior. After a while, the father dies of bleeding. Foxver puts it on the ground forever, then rips off the monster's head with an axe and takes it with him.

    The people were waiting for the prosecutor to return, because everyone believed that either the monster or the prosecutor, his father, had killed the accused. However, everyone was surprised that the accused had returned with the head of a monster. The chief officially forgave Foxver, but his assistant did not accept this and wanted to personally kill him, but the foreman and his guards did not allow it. Foxver also becomes the commander of the scouts in a couple of months, because it is inherited and he was forgiven.

    After 10 years, Foxver was able to start a family, become a respected scout, and even take a personal look at his ancestor's weapons. The ancestor's weapon was kept by the chief when the chief deemed that Foxver deserves weapon, he gives it to him. The chief recommended that the commander use the rifle both as a firearm and as a spear in some cases. Foxver went to an engineer friend to improve the rifle. After several months of working the best engineers they had, the rifles were turned into a 25 round assault rifle. First, the assault rifle was tested for performance, then the weapon as a spear.

    However, a couple of months later, the chief gives the task: to find out what happened to the southern raiders. According to the scouts, the southern ones were last time in the desert. Foxver went on the expedition not alone, but with a group. They also gave them clothes that did not immediately open fire on them, long-stored food and water, a cart with a horse.

    Months passed (1-4 months), and when they reached according to the scouts, they found a large camp, but it was empty. When the group began to investigate, they noticed that their technology was poorly developed (homemade cold weapons; if the weapons were good, then they were stolen; there were almost no firearms-except for muskets and pistols, but there were very few of them), but cultist fees were noticed (magic, cult on darkness and other magical things). Then the group heard running and shouting, the scouts taking a fighting stance. They noticed the fleeing southern raider and he asked for help, but the northern ones did not understand what he was talking about, because the survivor speaks a language that the scouts do not know. Suddenly, the scythe pierces the survivor, startling Foxver and other scouts.

    A certain woman who killed the survivor immediately runs to the scouts, and the raiders open fire on her. However, she dodged shells and bullets and started killing a group of scouts. They reduced their number to 1 person and this was Foxver. He was forced to retreat and hide so that she wouldn't find him. Foxver hid in a cave with water and lived there for a couple of days, did not take food, and the heat was that he drank water from the cave, which could kill him if it was poisoned or defiled by dark magic. Foxver accidentally put a hunting knife in the water when he went out to get food. But he was unlucky, she still found him and he was forced to run for the rifle, that is, into the cave. When he reaches the rifle, he takes the knife and sticks it into her body. When she got a hell of a pain, she started to leave and then disappeared. Although before that, the knife hadn't penetrated her armor.

    Foxver was walking to the base, while writing about what happened. He tried to use every opportunity to get to the base quickly: from savage and criminal methods (stealing horses, threats, etc.) to trade-noble ones (getting food in return, a horse for help, etc.). However, when Foxver is close to the base (40-100 km), he was stopped by some so-called partisans, they are very similar to the resistance rebels, but they have different clothes and they speak a different language, neither the language of the resistance, nor the language of the Northern raiders, much less the southern ones.

    The partisans began to interrogate him and began to find something in common, the accent is more similar, the structure of the appearance is similar, they began to compare with other raiders in the pictures (southern and Northern) and see that this detainee looks more like a Northern than a southern. They wonder what they have in common with the natives of some tribe or bandit organization.

    It turns out that the partisans are also the ancestors of the Empire, but instead of uniting with the natives, the ancestors of partisans tried to restore the aristocratic Kingdom, but after the coup it became a people's Kingdom. There were also attempts to create a Republic for the first time, but they did not receive much support and remained a people's Kingdom for a long time. At the moment, this is a group of people who are trying to overthrow dictators in their opinion, install popular rulers, and try to hire people for a General popular uprising (I'll tell you a detailed story next time).

    Foxver escapes from captivity, and the partisans opened fire on him, but he was able to escape from them. When he reached the base, he was let through and went to tell the chief what had happened. At first the chief did not believe him, but when he began to look at Foxver's diary, then he began to trust him. The only thing he didn't believe was that the scout had been detained by partisans, not the magistrate's troops. However, after some time, the guards raise the alarm, it turns out that the magistrate's troops are attacking the raider base. Some have started accusing Foxver of bringing them to the base, which he denies. The battle for survival has begun.


    Shturmohr - Primary attack
    A homemade automatic rifle that shoots slowly but uses fairly powerful rounds.

    • Range weapon
    • Deals 160 damage per shot
    • Acts as weapon attack
      Ammo: 25 bullets
      Rate of fire: 0.13 seconds
      Reload: 2.1 seconds

    Eye of a nomad - First ability
    This sight will help you fight enemies at a distance.

    • Reducing the rate of fire from 0.13 seconds to 0.15-0.18 seconds.


    Warrior's spear - First ability
    Weapon that can help to fight the enemy at close range.

    • Deals 750 damage per hit
    • Impact distance - 1-3 meters
      Cooldown - 5 seconds

    Monster bite - Second ability (Q)
    A homemade bomb with poisoned nails that can cause a lot of problems.

    • Deals 400 damage per hit
    • Deals a venomous hit of 400 HP for 10 seconds (40 for 1 second), if nails/explosion caught the enemy.
    • Blast radius of 15-20 meters
      Cooldown - 10 - 15 seconds

    Jump of two epochs - Third ability (F)
    First you make a jump, then lay on the ground and shoot from a prone position.

    • Jump distance - 5 meters
    • When lying on the ground, recoil of the weapon decreases and receive 10% damage resistance
    • During the ability, movement speed is reduced by 50%
    • Mouse direction speed is reduced by 30%
    • While moving, you can not shoot a rifle and Vice versa
    • When you press button again or the ability runs out, you are raised out of the ground
    • Ability lasts 10 seconds
      Cooldown - 8 - 10 seconds

    Rage of two warriors - Ultimate (E)
    You run at enemy with a shout, using a rifle with a bayonet knife as a spear.

    • When directly hit by an enemy, it deals 100% damage
    • Unique animation of killing the enemy and animation of the victim from receiving a fatal blow to final death, which lasts for 2 seconds
    • While killing the enemy, you and enemy can't move
    • The distance of the fatal blow is 2-4 meters
    • During the action ultimate, you will only move forward, change the direction of movement with the mouse.
    • The speed of changing direction will decrease by 40%
    • During ultimate you will receive 15% damage resistance and movement speed by 50%
    • The ultimate lasts for 7 seconds
    • If you canceled ultimate or unsuccessfully used, then returns to 20%
      Ult sound voice (Enemy/Self/Friendly): First angry sighs, then a furious scream

    Loadout cards

    Coming soon


    1. Ancestor's rifle (with nomad's Eye)
      Increases damage to 300, but reduces magazine to 10 rounds, increases recoil and rifle becomes semi-automatic.


    1. Weapons of the new generation (with warrior's Spear)
      Increases rate of fire from 0.13 seconds to 0.11, but reduces damage to 140.

    2. Deadly bomb
      Bite monster causes bleeding, together with poison. Bleed damage will be 350 damage in 8 seconds, but poison damage is reduced to 300 damage in 6 seconds, and blast damage is reduced to 150 damage.

    3. Revival of the old era
      Ability to shoot while moving, movement speed increases from -50% to -20%. However, damage resistance and accuracy improvements will be removed.

    Voice lines


    1. Why do all our people say that we are descendants of a ruined Empire? I need to find evidence.
    2. Every Empire, every Kingdom and other States are ready to be monopolistami mira (Монополистами мира) (Monopolists of the world), even this will require the blut der unschuldigen (Blood of the innocent).
    3. War... War never changes

    Mounting Up

    1. Let's do this!
    2. I will show them anger of my people.

    Attempting to Use Ability on Cooldown

    1. Hold on.
    2. Not ready yet


    1. Ich brenne ( I am burning)
    2. Hot! HOT!

    Being Healed

    1. Danke (Thank you) healer.
    2. Spasibo (Спасибо) (Thank you), even though we don't know each other, I'm in your debt.

    Kill Taunt

    1. You're on the wrong side, monk. (Buck)
    2. How I hate birds! (Cassie)
    3. Go back to your father. Aaah... Of course, you're outcast! (Corvus)
    4. Die, Witch!! (Evie)
    5. Power is there, but mind is not necessary? Isn't that right, Schwachkopf (Stupid)! (Fernando)
    6. You'll play with the lightning so much that you'll fry yourself. (Grohk)
    7. Let's see how long you can live without head, snake. (Mal'Damba)
    8. I remember you, you're [censored] who wanted to kill me. (Vora)
    9. There is not a single great warrior who was a mercenary, and mercenaries are blood-sucking lice. (Kinessa)
    10. Stand still so I can skin you, kleiner Teufel (little demon). (Talus)

    P.S. I hope you like it, I spent effort to come up with their lore (that of the raiders, that of their ancestors Empire), story of the character and at the same time interesting.