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  • Hello there...

    I used to be a semi-active paladins player and i last played in the Jenos patch

    I started playing again, but not without much struggle, and also, considering I lost my previous account (named Sissyum, and I posted a bit why using my friend's account, some of you might remember me) I need help catching up

    So, 3 questions...

    1. As a Frontline main, I have some struggles in understanding how one deals with high damage but low mobility heroes

    Among the few, Dredge, and Imani's stupid *** dragon. How do I deal with those?

    1. I am honestly a bit amazed at how everlasting Fernando is in the meta, I am glad he's not nerfed, he is my best champion, is there a more different way to build Nando now?

    2. Considering it is possible to buy 2 items from the same category now, would it be wise to combine... say, NImble, Master Riding, and Chronos in one hero? I mean, I'm not dumb, and I know items tend to be situational, but, would it be wise, and effective?

    Thank you!

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    Moved to Gameplay & Strategy. Since I'm not fully qualified to give gameplay advice, only thing I can say from here is that Bulldozer is a big counter for Imani's dragon!

    1. Dredge ? super annoying spam can be mitigated by always moving around. Paying attention to the bomb indicator might be annoying in the midst of the battle, but that's how to avoid it
      For Imani's dragon - buldozer and fleeing
    2. Nando is nerfed, I don't know how to build him currently
    3. I combined Wrecker & Cauterize and even buldozer in one build sometimes.... or morale boost & chronos. Depends on champion you are facing

  • As a tank the best way to counter cancerous damages and flanks is to go looking for them instead of waiting for them to find you. Get in their faces and force them into 1v1, then use whatever you've got to finish them off before going to the objective.

    Nando got a bunch of nerfs actually, to his scorch and FlankNando playstyle though I hear they're giving him a small buff in the form of a card that decreases his dash CD when hitting enemies with fireball, either wait for that or just build around scorch because that's the only viable talent anyway.

    And yeah it's completely fine to pick several items from the same line if it benefits you, like getting bulldozer and wrecker to counter the enemies bunker comp for example.

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    Like several others have said, Fernando has been nerfed and he's in a bad spot. He's not bad in the sense that he's a throw pick like Ruckus, he's just not the same and there are better options.

    But anyways, the Jenos patch is a long time ago, so you haven't exactly missed much in the sense that you skipped a whole lot so now Fernando's build is mostly the same as his ob55 one.

    One difference is that you'll notice that Brand now heals Fernando everytime he hits a fireball meaning that Fernando has some proper healing now that is readily available. But this comes at a price since now Fernando no longer has built-in cauterize, but then again, most of the champions don't anymore.

    Unfortunately, Last Stand has been nerfed several times so you should definitely remove that from your loadout, it is beyond crap.

    Launch is not as powerful as it was before so you should keep it at only level 2.

    Incinerate is still a must have at level 3+.

    Hot Pursuit is now worse than Running Start so you shouldn't keep that card anymore either.

    You'll definitely need some hp cards now since Fernando is not as tanky as he used to be.

    His charge knockback card has been greatly buffed, so you can use it as a filler now.

    All in all, that's all I can think of really. I'm have no idea what your playstyle is nor what your current deck is so I can only provide general tips, if you want to go more in-depth, feel free to ask!

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