TYRA DR AND HP - absolute broken

  • 2650 + 20 Damage reduction is like 3180 hp and the dr stacks so if u shoot another grenade u need literally do like 4k dmg to kill tyra. and she can get healed + has 15 % liferip.

    how nerf all console hitscan champs but dont look at this? its cancerous its first pick in controller ranked and its disgusting to play against.

  • on top its the easiest champ in the game

  • @razor733 Nobody runs Survivalist 5 in a Mercy Kill loadout, since it usually already has In The Fray 5 and needs Bandolier as high as possible, so 2650 hp is a bit of an exageration.
    Plus, she can only fire one grenade per second, and the DR last only 3s, so at most she can have the max DR only for 1s (and that's only possible when she has all three grenades ready, which obviously isn't often since it takes more than 20s to recharge them all).
    Lastly, she's one of the few champions with absolutely no movement ability nor protection, meaning that she has no way to avoid any of the average 3.4k dmg needed to take her down other than hiding (and wasting her DR).
    It's definitely a strong Build, but nowhere near to being overpowered.

  • @SomeGuySomeWhere i do lol. I run survivalist 5 on my mercy kill and burn monster loadouts. And then in the fray. Primal might for burn monster. Mercy kill has three charges for grenade, I dont need CD reduction.

    Isnt overpowered but it's a fun and strong loadout.

  • @Christlike said in TYRA DR AND HP - absolute broken:

    Mercy kill has three charges for grenade, I dont need CD reduction.

    But at that point you have to wait even longer to have all 3 charges back after using them, meaning that is even less often that you have all that DR.

  • @SomeGuySomeWhere it isn't reasonable to expect to hit three grenades on one enemy that isn't a tank. I use the grenade at the start of an engagement and at the end. The main thing for me is not using all the charges.

    Its not like.. Grenade spam=super saiyan DR=unstoppable tyra.

  • Most player use hp at higher values. they shoot one start of the fight and then middle. its like 40% dr wtf. u cant deal with her if u have not the better team

  • We talk about stacking dmg reduction 20% per level ! With one of the strongest elim card 50% which procs on all charges not reducing only one charge by 50%. its absolute crazy.

  • Yeah that's an idea. Primal might with a mercy kill loadout. With in the fray. Can have a play style around getting DR and securing kills with the grenade.

    There's always down time though. Noones popping constant grenades 24/7.

  • PC

    To be honest DR Nade build is the only thing that makes Tyra actually viable. Otherwise Tyra pretty much dies to anything getting behind her because she can't run and without Nade build she has no burst, and Caut is a thing that exists for her in-built lifesteal that you get anyways and her other build options are pretty much on level with Koga/Talus in terms of not being good at all. Nade build is pretty much the only thing she has and that puts her still pretty much bottom 5 in terms of damage champs, at least on PC.

    It's kind of like saying Soul Collector Seris is broken, except in Seris' case that talent would ABSOLUTELY be broken on most other champs, because otherwise Seris just kind of sucks. And even then still fits very poorly into the meta. If off-supporting was still a thing, she'd be really strong actually but since it's not and also because shield meta makes it harder to stack... 🤷 In DR Tyra's case there's champs that already have more DR and are definitely stronger than her without it.

  • @Christlike That's what I'm saying, nobody ever goes for the entire 60% DR.

    @razor733 If you have both In The Fray and Primal Might at level 5 you can't have Survivalist any higher than 3, so it's even less realistic to claim she needs 4k to be taken down.

    @Dusklicious Exactly my point, she's such a sitting duck that the DR is what keeps her alive in the meta.

  • I dont think 60% DR is possible with any loadout of any champ. Diminishing returns after around 40%. 3 grenades is 2100 damage too so a burp and most squishes are dead after that. No point in 60% DR if you could get it.

    The Primal might Mercy kill loadout is smart though im gonna make that one today.

  • @Christlike I'm not sure if it gets diminishing returns, since it's technically a single source for the effect. Still, if it does it's more of a point in favor of it not being overpowered.

  • PC

    @SomeGuySomeWhere said in TYRA DR AND HP - absolute broken:

    @Christlike I'm not sure if it gets diminishing returns, since it's technically a single source for the effect. Still, if it does it's more of a point in favor of it not being overpowered.

    Should. In fact I've heard that it doesn't even apply the DR properly after the second instance.

  • Tyra DR doesn't stack...I tried it in shooting range and it doesnt stack there but that was a long time ago so...maybe it was a bug that got fixed and the dr was supposed to stack.

  • Any one ever run a lumin/Jenos with hunting party/tyra in ranked? Maybe with goddess blessing io. Someone was saying that pockets are the meta.

  • DR Mercy Kill build is one of the few reliable builds for Tyra that don't require you to go on massive killstreaks just to keep yourself alive. I can imagine how it can be frustrating in early rounds but really after you get cauterize running OR catch Tyra using her last nade (You can usually tell that a Tyra is out of nades if she tries to back away from the fight) besides 20% DR is really not that much i'd be more concerned of the potential burst on squishy targets but funnily enough the nades require quite a lot of precision to land because they have very small AoE and are slightly curving downwards. Another thing is that to get the heal from nades you need to actually HIT them so highly mobile champions can prove to be a difficult matchup for Tyra (Evie, Maeve, Koga heck even Zhin is good at dueling Tyra) and honestly hats off to the person who can hit a good Evie with Tyra's nade.

  • In which world u live "cathing tyra off nades" we dont play tdm here. If she had a liitle bit mor health she would be an unstopple off tank.

    The Dr stacks up to 40% (people shoot usually 2 grenades) its absolute crazy on controller esp. they nerfed koga most likely cuz controller next patch how not touch this.

  • Remove this dr card. what the hell try flank this champ on controller she reveals and make like flanking impossible with the dr. its basicly build in heaven 3! which also stacks. this is not funny anymore.


  • The DR does not stack
    It is just reapplied.

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