The most fun and most tilting champions

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    @Christlike I hate jenos bc he has no impact healing. He is the most unsatisfying support to play imo, damba is up there too bc he has no burst, he has the heal numbers, but they come in little ticks and my picky ass like big numbers, hence why i like furia corv and tying, seris and io just bc the ticks are nice even numbers and fill up hp bars actively

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    MP pip is wierd idk its just... not my thing, if I'm going heals i go CM if I'm going dmg i go catalyst, i LOVE catalyst pip

  • @Nico teams gotta play a little more carefully with jenos main heal. Isnt ideal though. I like dambas gourd same as smoke sky. Id really prefer burst healing in MP pip tho. Series heal is channeled but hits the group as well and can get down to like a .5 second CD. Ying i always go focusing lens even with healing loadout. Really ought to work more on life exhange.

    I like catalyst pip too my favorite way to play prolly even as a Maeve main.

  • Fun Champions.
    1° Ruckus.
    My Main, he is cool to play and have different play styles, but the best part is the fact he is an Frontline Flank hybrid, is really cool to go in the high ground, ult behind the enemies, is fun, te problem is the balance of the game, some times Ruckus can't do much against some champions.

    To me, the only champion that the most fun thing is hit every shot and do some crazy moves and kill someone with reverse, fun champion. 🙂

    Everyone hates him, and I like him, the fact that he can be rock in the way of the Death for your teammates is cool, he can save the team if the team helps, because if not, is sad, he can stop all champions in an run and can launch every champion of the map, really cool champion. 🙂

    Tilting champions.
    An braindead champion that can kill almost an entire team without problems, and in Ranked, he is really annoying, to everyone in the enemy team, I hate him.

    2°Maeve and Evie.
    They are different, but they do the same, high damage, high mobility, high self-sustain and small hitbox, I hate this two girls.

    3°Fernando and Makoa
    Fen-High health shield with 4s cooldown that has a 500 self sustain card and the shield is unlimited, really ?
    Koa-High health shield that can ignore cooldown when more damage he takes to the point that theres no more cooldown, really ?

  • Jenos has good chances in an election for the most hated champion I guess. 🙂

  • @M3RC3N4RI0 Which is kinda unfair, since it's only because of using Luminary on already strong characters. Jenos alone is weak, Corvus is better at pocketing (and frankly, almost in everything) and Luminary has never made Willo a top tier, so that's literally the only reason to hate him so much....

  • @SomeGuySomeWhere He is annoying weather he is in your team or in the other team, in your team cause you don't get heals as tank and in the other team cause of his buffs. All other champs are only annoying to play with them or against them, but not both.

  • @M3RC3N4RI0 said in The most fun and most tilting champions:

    He is annoying [...] in your team cause you don't get heals as tank.

    That's totally true. However it's kinda the player's fault, not the champion's, isn't it ? Nowhere is stated that Jenos should only heal flanks and damages, a good player would usually heal all their teammates and if they don't they are the problem, not the champion. 🤔

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  • Ah yeah forgot about atlas. Nightmare to go against. I know when I play as him I CC the crap out of the enemy tank.

    Jumping on point all quick and happy. Take ur butt back to spawn lol.

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