Suspensions criteria

  • Hello,
    I'd like to give a feedback about the criteria used to suspend players' account.
    It seems that, once a defined amount of reports is reached (I have no clue if this amount is accumulated through some matches or days or weeks), the suspension is automatically committed.
    I am pretty sure because in the last two months I've got two 1-day suspensions after that some players called me toxic and I was logged off as soon as those matches were over. I didn't ridicule nor offend anyone, I was just discussing about their picks (totally illogical to be honest), nonetheless I got suspended.
    Can someone explain how the suspensions are decided and if there is something to improve this process, since it wrongly assumes that ALL the players report with a logical reason?

  • Moderator

    There is indeed an autoban system that will take effect if a player reaches a certain number of reports within a week. Wrongful bans can be disputed by submitting a support ticket at

    Discussing disciplinary actions is against the Code of Conduct.

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