Eternal pyre battlepass remaining days

  • Hey i have a question before the recen update of battlepass we have to complete the battlepass in approx 70 days but since new battlepass came out i see i have 24 days remaining to complete the battlepass is it possible to do it in such short period we only get small amount of xp by playing each game help me plz thanks

  • A fellow player said that it’s a display error and the Paladins team is going to fix it soon. It’s supposed to have an 84 day span. 😊

  • To be honest even if it's not a display error it's possible to complete it in 24 days if you play daily, do all the daily quests, challenges, buy the bp and boost every match. It's a pretty ridiculous grind though.

  • Alright thanks i hope thats an error , i am doing it everything playing it daily and using my boosters but still xp is not enough i hope we have 84 days remaining

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    Also, I think the number it says is the time before the next patch, so get excited

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