Pontos de espectador / Spectator points

  • Como que eu faço para conseguir pontos de espectador? Tem um skin no jogo que eu quero, mas para ter precisa de pontos de espectador. / How do I get spectator points? There's a skin in the game that I want, but to have I need spectator points.

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    Spectator points are viewer points, you get it from watching paladins streams. It used to only be on mixer, but it shut down, there was a brief period where we couldn't earn any, but I'm pretty sure you can watch streams on t=witch to earn it now. Also, you MUST have your hirez account linked to twitch. To do this you must: Go to Hi-rez Account, sign in, go to Linked Accounts, then link account to twitch, go through the verification process and that's it.

  • Moderator

    "Starting July 20, PaladinsGame will no longer be broadcasting to Mixer (RIP). After that date, you can watch our community streamers on Twitch and watch our esports events on Twitch/YouTube/Steam. As of right now, the Viewer Points system will not be active on Twitch or YouTube. We hope to have further updates about the VP system soon!"

  • @Medic-Dame thanks for the help 😉

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