New Social Platform

  • It would be really nice to see a new Social platform for recruiting/meriting mains/LFG. Something like a guild, people can be accounted for, and once within a standing and recruited, we can rest assured knowing what our players strengths and weaknesses are. Even a Nice new bold obvious tab added where you can search or list for players by mains/spec's/Rank,ect... The game is lacking a system where u can be held accountable for your decisions during ranked games, trolling, feeding, Or in need of guidance seeings how your 1v5s arent working out for you and need some friends willing to give some well needed advice.

  • Switch

    Well, you can do that in discord servers, like the main server.
    Grab the LFG role, you can search for specific mains, region, ranked or casuals, and platform.
    here's a link:
    It may expire a day after posting this

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