FPS lag with decent CPU and GPU

  • So I lag with an Intel i5 9400F, 16 GB Ram and an RTX 2060 with most settings on medium or high. Resolution scale 130, 2x antialiasing, resolution 1920x1080. My monitor is actually 144hz, 2560x1440 but i reduced it ingame for better performance but didnt do much. Also using Geforce Experience overclock feature. Automatic tuning.

    My friend who has the same CPU, 16 GB Ram and an RTX 2060 Super doesn't lag at all on max settings.

    Why is there such a difference?

  • @U534621670 By FPS lag you mean frame drops ? Check in the settings if you have V-sync on, that usually can create problems like this.

  • Yes, i mean frame drops. V-sync is off. I went into the Nvidia Control Panel and changed the Power Managment Mode to Prefer Maximum Performance like somebodys else did in the forums. That helped quite a bit but the difference between the fps stability between my friends pc and mine is still quite noticeable.

  • @U534621670 How much difference are we talking about, like 30 fps vs 100 fps ?

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    This game is cpu hungry. Stop any other processes that might be eating cpu. If it's windows 10 this can be a real pita to solve. Also, Windows 10 tends to cause lags when there is a pending update. Make sure there aren't any updates waiting.

    After that, try the following:
    Use the native monitor resolution.
    Set Resolution scale 100
    Turn off the antialiasing unless it bothers you.

    Also are you sure it's actually frame drops and not crappy wifi or some issue with your internet? This game doesn't handle packet loss well.

  • @U534621670
    After over 3 years of playing the game, I have determined that the engine is just poorly optimized (framerate-wise)

    Their seems to be a weird correlation between framerate and the amount of things going on in the game; I don't mean graphically talking, but more like the more informations being processed by the server (damage & heal calculations, hit registration, etc), the lowest your framerate drops.

    I don't think I've ever met anyone yet who has a stable 175FPS all along, no matter the graphical settings or PC specs.

    It's just how the game is, somehow.
    Also, if you ever played Sha'Lin or Imani, there's this nonsense issue where you have a short framerate fall during your arrow drawing / fireball channeling animation. It usually gets worse as the game goes on, and seems to reset upon restarting the game.

  • @SomeGuySomeWhere @Vaporized Nevermind, the power managment mode didnt affect FPS at all. Hard to say about the precise difference in fps, its more about that stability because i can run the game at max settings just like my friend but the fps stability is nothing alike. Vaporized, i tried all of that none worked. I have also reinstalled the game because i thought maybe there were some corrupt files causing the game to suddenly drop in fps but it didnt fix it.

    It doesnt matter what the settings ingame are but it seems i lag only when many effects are on the screen. Weird that it doesnt matter at all what settings i have. Or actually, i lag more when i lower the ingame graphics.

    I am on ethernet so there shouldn't be any network issues.

    We also have the same SSD and even RAM. 2666mhz 16gb, unsure if its ddr3 or ddr4.
    It is a pre-built PC bought not even a year ago so im seriously confused here

    Sorry for the late response wasn't on my pc for some time.

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    @U534621670 Do you have after burner installed?

    Maybe if you can get the stats that accumulate during a match it might shed some light on the issue.

    This is what I got from my Ryzen system - maybe a year ago.

    alt text

    You can't rule out packet loss just because you're not using wifi. Ping some server for say 10 minutes and get loss stats. There is a program called winmtr that can do this and it also will tell which hop is failing if any. Still doesn't guarantee the path to the paladins server is good but it's a good check of your internet.

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    Had to remember how to do this.. I start the cap when the match starts and screen capture (Windows 10 game bar) near the end.

    This is a shot from today. I currently have a cap set in Nvidia Settings @ 98fps.. It's also on a lower card (GTX 1050ti). The prior card was a GTX 1060 6GB.


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