How do Battle Pass skins work?

  • From what I saw In Paladins, there are cool skins from previous Battle Passes I wished I had. I also tried searching on the Internet, and I found that Skins from tier 1-50 will come back sometime purchase-able with Crystals?
    My question Is to Veteran players, how did Hi-Red organise their Battle Pass skins? I would like to buy Stellar Protector on Io (from what I found, this skin Is under tier 50).

  • Switch

    Recently they put battle pass skins into chests, so its rng, I say get as many skins that relate to the theme of the skin you want to increase your chances of getting it

  • @Medic-Dame There are no skins with Stellar Protector theme In the chests (sorry I don't remember the BS name). How long would It take to be In chests?

  • PC

    Stellar protector Io was literally 2 bps ago. Youll have to wait at least a year to get it.

  • @Nico @Medic-Dame Thank you for your answers.

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