RI: Androxous

  • Switch

    Faction: Solar Blaze
    Health: 200 health + 800 sheild
    Movement Speed: 370
    Ammo Threshold: 45% ♌

    Name: Apheco Oxoles
    Title: Of the Nyxen Curses
    Languages: Dimensional
    Citizenship: Wanderer

    Cursed Revolver (Primary): Send out high damage projectiles in a cursed Nyxen revolver

    • Action: Shoot a medium-size cursed bullet, dealing 1,000 Direct every 2 seconds
    • Cost: 5% ♌ per shot

    Defiance (Secondary): Redirect damage from you to an enemy

    • Action: Deflect incoming damage with a punch, dealing 50% of damage deflected into a 90 unit area
    • Cost: 10% ♌

    Vengful Curse (First Ability): Enchant your next shot to execute enemies

    • Action: Reset cooldown of shooting, and cause you next shot to execute enemies under 15% health
    • Cost: 25% ♌

    Fey step (Second Ability): Dash in a direction

    • Action: Dash any direction including up, if you hold the 'Jump' button, you will decrease decent
    • Cost: 8% ♌

    Nyxen Corruption (Ultimate): Send out Nyxen's corruption into a defined area, with enemies caught in it being affected with CC

    • Action: Call out "They shall all be...renewed" then send out a projectile which explodes in a 230 unit area, those caught in receive a 65% slow, a cripple and 25% reduced healing

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