Paladins PTS is Live! - "Season 4: Calamity"

  • Evil Mojo

    Hello all!

    PTS is up with the Season 4: Calamity patch. The build you will want to be on for now is 4.2.3976.0. You can download the patch by going to the Paladins page on Steam and selecting the “Click here to install Public Test Server” button just below the cool videos and images:

    NOTE: Crystals will not be automatically awarded for logging in to PTS. If you are using PTS on Steam, you will be able to "purchase" Crystals using the Store (using the Steam interface) without expending any actual money. To do this, perform the following actions:

    • Log in to PTS on Steam
    • Select Store
    • Select "Buy Crystals" button
    • Select any bundle on the screen
    • Confirm that the purchase window matches the screenshot below (with the "Sandbox" text next to Steam Wallet)
    • Select Authorize on the window that pops up

    Crystals will be added to your account specifically on PTS. If the HiRez Store pops up instead of a Steam window, DO NOT CONTINUE. Only do this if this processes through the Sandbox wallet on Steam.

    Please visit to find the PTS Testing Blog, which will be up shortly. In addition, please use the #report-a-pts-bug channel on the official Paladins Discord to report any bugs you find in PTS! You can find the discord at Thank you so much for participating in the Public Test Server!

    Currently known issues with PTS Build 4.2.3976.0:

    • Yagorath's Ultimate audio can get cut off when she returns to 1P
    • Yagorath changes to Travel Form automatically at 0s before the round instead of 2s before the round
    • Missing Message ID for Timber Mill
    • A few issues with DLCs not being fully complete
    • Deluxe Edition DLC not visible or purchasable
    • Defunct extra queue in the Custom Match screen
    • Scope Sensitivity can not be set to a positive value

  • PC

    is it possible to make a small balance change on a character, during the PTS?
    Since Pip's buff and his Mega Potion 100% - 115% is not quite remarkable for Pip's performance as a support.
    But if you change that buff and upgrade the Healing Potion to its classic 1000 - 1200 healing, it could not only benefit Mega Potion, but also your other talents.

  • just give him 3 potion charges

  • Torvald feels awful,
    Cassie rolls are infinite now (which is annoying to play against)

  • PC

    I'm not quite sure what to think about Yago's balance yet honestly. Though I will say one thing: she's definitely not a point tank.

    Yago impressions so far day 1:


    • VERY high durability, best in the game without shields.
    • Surprisingly mobile, her F cooldown is up very consistently.
    • Her ultimate is stronger than I thought
    • She gets to the fight FASTER THAN MOUNT before Master Riding as long as you don't mess up the roll out.


    • Surprisingly low damage output, bottom 5 tank-wise. Pretty much dependent on quills for damage.
    • Struggles against verticality. Drogoz is probably her hardest counter.
    • Using Planted in the middle of a 5v5 point fight leaves you surprisingly vulnerable.
    • Struggles against certain forms of CC, particularly silences.

  • Switch

    @Dusklicious That confusing, she even has a talent meant for point, she stands still to attack, how is she not a point tank?

  • PC

    @Medic-Dame said in Paladins PTS is Live! - "Season 4: Calamity":

    @Dusklicious That confusing, she even has a talent meant for point, she stands still to attack, how is she not a point tank?

    She gets MELTED when she's on point in my experience. Surprising with her level of durability, but yeah. Also she has no way to actually zone from range. You end up sitting there and face-tanking absolutely everything. Usually ends in death. It would be like if you made ulted makoa a point tank, but he couldn't move, he had no way to engage at range at all, and he was dependent on pools of acid that are unreliable at best for damage. Doesn't usually end well it seems like.

    As an off though she can roll behind the backline, catch them off-guard, and spray them down using her durability to make it impossible for them to kill her.

  • Switch a normal Raid boss?

  • PC

    @Medic-Dame said in Paladins PTS is Live! - "Season 4: Calamity": a normal Raid boss?

    Pretty much. She ends up playing like a super tanky less generally mobile Raum (though wheel go zoom) with less sustained damage (though she does actually do decent burst), but the ability to easily trap enemies in a corner if positioned right.

  • Switch

    Question: will i count as throwing if I still pick Io after this patch? Since I hardly use luna for point, and GD is just a bit off, I think I can still utilize it

  • Yagorath needs a lot of balance, not only because of her strenght, but because some things just make her gameplay feel bad and frustrating sometimes:

    • her very slow accelaration(not the skill) right after changing to the moving form is very frustrating, most of the times you're dead without even starting to more farely, so I think she should have a faster speed(not too much) right after changing to "ball", it would make her gameplay feel a lot more dinamic.

    • her immunity to cc is extremely toxic to the game and its a joke to other characters. I like that most of the CCs are converted to stuns, but I think she shouldn't be immune to skills like makoa's hook, khans ultimate, or any kind of knockback, because this makes the character feel really not fun to play against.

    • Her annimation right after losing the 4000 health of the ultimate is too long, and the speed she pulls the enemy is too slow. So I think it would be more fun/balanced if she pulled the enemy A LITTLE BIT faster, and had a shorter animation after losing the 4k health.

    • Beyond that there are only a few details, which are not so annoying about playing her/against her, but definitely could have some attention: Her "primal vision" range is maybe a liitle too big so as her burst damage.

  • PC

    I like Yagorath but even I have to admit, her design in its current implementation is VERY flawed... 90% DR plus a 6500 health pool plus a movement option that's faster than mount even with a couple of ranks of master riding... There's something wrong with that picture. Seems a bit... uhh, unhealthy for the game?

    And the way they attempted to balance to that seems to also lead to a lot of frustrating gameplay experiences playing her, especially when it comes to dealing with aerial champs...

  • @Medic-Dame

    @Medic-Dame said in Paladins PTS is Live! - "Season 4: Calamity":

    Question: will i count as throwing if I still pick Io after this patch? Since I hardly use luna for point, and GD is just a bit off, I think I can still utilize it

    tbh yes. IO has nothing special at this point, a useless gimmick with luna. Hell at this point even Seris is in a better position because she is going to be harder to kill, and she will out heal IO.

  • How can I fix version mismatch error, I have version 4.2.3976.0

    How can I fix this?

    I have tried restarting steam and the entire computer, but it still wont work

    Thx in advance

  • Moderator

    @detolloted There will be a new update soon. Currently the PTS is turned off.

  • oh ok cool thx

  • @Lukash369 So how long does that mean like a few hours

  • Moderator

    Sometimes hours, sometimes days. Now it's online.

  • PC

    PTS Balance adjustments:

    (if they are in the PTS client, they are not mentioned in tooltips)

    • Also the effect listed for Corrosive Acid is wrong. It does not increase the damage of pools, but it does add a pool underneath Yagorath when she's using Harden.

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