Ranked Prerequisites Suggestion

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    This is modified a little from old forum OP.

    The intent here is to ensure that people entering the ranked game mode know how to play the siege game mode and have experience with EVERY role.
    An improved tutorial that also includes item selection would be beneficial as well.

    Basic requirement:

    • A minimum of 3 champions "owned" PER ROLE that have been played in REAL PLAYER SIEGE mode (not training) for at least 3 hours for each champion.
      To put this in a number of siege games played perspective, I'm using 10 minutes per match. That's 18 matches for each of the 12 champions making a total of 216 matches.

    Additional requirements:

    • Player must "own" at least 14 champions.
    • Each of those champions has to be at least level 8.
    • Account level requirement can remain the same as it is now or increased by a REASONABLE amount. Really, account level becomes irrelevant.

    Benefits of doing this:

    • Guarantees that all players have played at least the minimum hours of siege game mode.
    • Pretty much guarantees that everyone can play a champion and be useful.
    • Buying levels doesn't get around the basic requirement.
    • May reduce the smurf accounts somewhat since they will have to put in more time to be eligible.

    It's possible the play time could be exploited by going in a match and doing nothing. Possible idea for this:

    • Determine an appropriate credits per minute. If below the threshold the time does not count.
    • A detected AFK for any reason removes the entire time played for that match.
    • No XP is given for either of these conditions.

    Why not just simply raise the account level as it was previously?
    Raising the account level does not ensure a player has played even one game of siege or that they have experience playing the different roles.

  • Imo just reworking the tutorial to teach the important things like the importance of classes, loadouts and item shop will go a long way in improving new player performance since right now all they know is how to pick Viktor and shoot stuff. I love playing ranked modes because of the higher skill requirements to win (usually), but I hate Paladins ranked because of low levels with default loadouts not buying a single item for the duration of the match..

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    I got a better idea

    be at least lvl 75
    they won't play bot games for 75 lvls, no more smurfs (or at least less...), less total newbies in lvl 400+ diamond+ games

    and while we're at it, stop putting silvers with diamond, or against diamond (or even master actually) stop putting multiple unranked on a team against a full plat team
    and cancel games when a player is bot from start to end

    simple, how to make ranked great again in 3 moves, raise requirement, fix matchmaking, stop bots

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    You can get your account to level 75 and never have played even one single game of siege. Does nothing to help.

    Might as well just turn off the match maker at this point.

    You don't like them bots? IO bot that does 300 heals - Cassie bot that does 9000 damage. What's not to like?

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    I totally agree
    but ya know, playing siege doesn't mean you are suited for ranked, I have seen lvl 400+ with default deck and life reap, not trollers, actual players who were in silver and had no idea how to play

    I'd say the matchmaking is the most at fault, requisite aren't high enough that's for sure, but with half decent MM it would be less of a problem

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