Summer Frost, RCN lore event

  • Greetings Realm, hope this thread finds you well.

    As you may have noticed im partnered to Evilmojo and the creator of Realm community nights, a series of themed events for Paladins community.

    Today we have revealed our second lore event: Summer frost. Below are the arts and link to the event details.

    Summer frost will be stream and played simultaneously on PC and PS4 this Saturday August 17th at 1 pm ET / 5 pm EU. We hope you can come to play. We will be give away 2 shore patrol BP codes.


    Season witch Moji. Art by MarshallowtUgWseb.png

    Summer frost Imani. art by Marshallow R2NW7ks.png

    Frost element Evie. art by Marshallow HPuK3Mx.png

    Lore video and details

    Thank you!

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    Moved to Community Creations. This one looks amazing Chiva! You and your team outdid yourselves for this one 😮

  • @Borvik alright thanks, i will i should post a RCN thread in community creations. the goal of the thread is to post all RCN stuff related and keep all organized and accessible to the community.

  • I'm not 100% sure what this is. Its done like a fanfic but it looks like you are claiming that it is canon.

  • @JohnOfAllTrades Hi, RealmNights is a series of themed events for the Paladins community, we use the official lore for create our lore events, but we never mentioned that our lore events are canon.

    Even tho, EvilMojo has pinned a message on the official discord, that they like to read fan made theories.

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