The loadout is fairly simple, no super combos just things that work for the play style. This play style is built around area control and ultimate generation.

    Nade Radius 30 * 0.4 = 12 ( 12 + 30 = 42 )
    That is a pretty big circle if you draw it on the ground
    4% ult charge per person hit

    4% 8% 12% 16% 20%
    Hitting 5 people is not to common so we can throw out the 20% for the most part
    But three and four is pretty standard stuff with this radius.

    Hitting three people is 9 seconds off cool down so a nade reset
    That is 12% + 12% that is 24 percent ult charge in three seconds to throw two nades.

    Few games ago i was at 54 percent ult and i got to point right as over time was about to end and two nades that did hit 5 people and i was at 94% ultimate.

    So the build cools down your nades when your run
    Reloads your clip when you run.

    I am going to see if i can record a good game so i can talk about that as playing Viktor is very positional champ so i cannot just tell you do this to win. It needs context to make since.

  • 👍 sounds good

  • It's at least a very fun build, blaster Viktor. My experience was that Guerrilla Warfare is not worth it, since either I had to run around so much that I was hardly shooting or it didn't have much effect. Since he can't run backwards like Jenos it's difficult to run to a good position to throw the grenades just in time with the cooldown. But after all Viktor also has an excellent ult-charge on his gun:

    Gain up to 0.9% ultimate charge on hit. On headshots, gain up to 1.5% ultimate charge on hit.

    Therefor the shooting is not wasted time for charging the ult and I play Grenadier V and On-the-Move V.

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