• 1000 damage as and opener and another 1000 in 1.6 seconds is a little ridiculous. This is considering we all have the sense to not start charging your arrow as soon as u see a champion,instead we do so preemptively... So a lex with 6 shots landed in a row (with recoil bloom) in 1.5 seconds does 1920... okay so thats a Flank so regular damage comparison then? Tyra is 1749 damage every 1.5 yet again....recoil bloom exists, so to advocate a fraction of probability, Tyra and Lex would have to be on top of them or fairly close to danger even with an Adjusted FOV.... Well i suppose Those are bad comparisons... even though neither of them can do nearly his damage in that time frame. So a Back-line character with no bloom... Lian! Perfect! Whats her damage output in 1.5 seconds? Which equates to 1333 damage...

    Oh wait but Sha-Win can do this across the map you say? Did i mention who ever was in charge of the Script that adds Damage falloff Calculator to the Weapon was sleeping, Because Sha-Win... you guessed it, Doesn't Have one. Literally the point at which the arrow doesn't do damage, is the falloff. the Distance of this is from the top step of Fernando's Stairs all the way to The middle furthest Viktor in practice map is a judge of distance so we have a immediate idea. Fun fact, FOV zoomed all the way Viktor almost disappears in the "dot" as the cursor aimer and still 1000 damage..... that's a cute trick.... Stop saying "HES A HIGH SKILL CAP" because High skill cap characters do not do more damage in two clicks than literally every other Class in the game. Not to mention he is one of the few Characters that has a built in one of the least given ability in the game next to invisibility... Silence... HIGH SKILL CAP THOUGH!!!!

    I think a fair Fix literally is Give Critical s/Give Drop-Off to Normality

    I have the opinion that invisibility shouldn't exist, yet i wont get into that. Instead we can indulge the fact the currently the two invisibility capable champions are Set up to kill you if they can get opener... Sha-WIN is one of those I think hes hard to play because i never heard of CD management/aiming ahead/ Patiently waiting for positioning. So literally Line of sight near your team with a wall, advocate a location where that cant be easily flanked and easily visible to you. Charge, peak, shoot to win. when you are flanked, counter with withdraw, shoot, charge shoot once more, click and/or after first charge use Rapidfire "Sha-win". I find it funny that they made him really slow, like hes going to push he doesnt have a Falloff! why would he be mobile... He just needs To be given a Drop-off to his arrow or slower arrow... lets just say the adding a Dropoff is would support the Team part in the Teambase shooter merit, seeings how a average positioned Sha-Win that can pre-charge his bow upon engagement, with a decent aim he almost always carries the team to a win.

  • @kegkufner Mm not with what ive seen. How Much have you played him? Hes dive bait. He needs to sit back and poke and pick off targets. Hes slow as all get out in my opinion. I don't care if he does do 1k a shot. You have to be patient.

    If You got illuminate the only thing sha'trashBIN can do is rapid shot which is a pathetic move if you ask me.

  • @kegkufner "He doesn't have falloff". Like Cassie, Evie, Drogoz, Imani, Dredge, Maeve, Tiberius, Seris and most non-hitscan champions ? That's literally their trade-off for having a projectile with travel time: not having damage falloff.
    And you know what's funny ? All the champions above actually have a higher dps than Sha Lin...

  • I think u missing the point... NONE are capable of that damage in that time! as well readily silence (without breaking dps rotation may i add), nor invisibility. yet he does all three easily available in the toolkit.... Even make the damn arrow slower. its to much In combination with eachother. All three make it Overpowered... not just the arrow. I chose falloff bc the one huge thing he had then no one else is that opener DPS.

  • @Christlike He is the slowest champion i believe, which has nothing to do with his toolkit... illuminate or not, if hes able to jump and swing mouse before the withdraw he will range it... or he stays near team and get "Diver" baited himself.

  • Imani can hit 2k if she has full mana. Charge fire ball before and then instant with the mana.

  • Yea if you hit every shot your destroying with him, you miss one shot and your dead. He walks like a turtle with an arrow drawn. He shines in close range combat. He can shoot cross map but its pretty hard to hit unless they are just standing still.

  • Disagree.... thats a rhetoric that can be indulged with any characters.... as well as most games and honestly that being said.... the disdain of replying to this in said way is insatiable, so much so that i personally can see an investment in a facility perpetuating mentally incapable individuals for such like minded people....

  • @Christlike cool now add silence and invisibility...... damn u dont have to agree but if your incapable of seeing the full picture stick the Xbox controller please... JFC

  • @kegkufner silence is negligible if you aren't gonna get the kill shot and theres such a thing as illuminate so that trashes his ult and his escape.

  • I Still think that all three things is too much for his toolkit... And i also think that the whole damn near having to pick illuminate just to survive a character, is a bit unfair as well... and if he jumps swings his aim as he withdraws it usually ranges illuminate in long enough to get kill.

  • @kegkufner I don't like him. I prefer imani, tyra, dredge and drogoz for damage. Have at it though. He can be annoying if the player can hit their shots.

  • Lol Lex deal over 1k Headshot dmg with 50% liferip on deathheathens in 0.7 sec. With discovery 624 Headshot dps in 0.25 sec.

    Play the PTS with the new holdown shooting for Lex on Controller. I got called out by Pro Players for cheating.

    1k Dps than a big fat 1.6 sec waiting for the next arrow also 2k not kill anyone u need do another shot. He is very slow i think the slowest champ in the game. If u miss a shot ur just dead

  • @razor733 I used to play lex and did alright with him. Quit cause of having to keep pressing trigger to shoot. Looking forward to the next patch.

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