• @Christlike He is the slowest champion i believe, which has nothing to do with his toolkit... illuminate or not, if hes able to jump and swing mouse before the withdraw he will range it... or he stays near team and get "Diver" baited himself.

  • Imani can hit 2k if she has full mana. Charge fire ball before and then instant with the mana.

  • Yea if you hit every shot your destroying with him, you miss one shot and your dead. He walks like a turtle with an arrow drawn. He shines in close range combat. He can shoot cross map but its pretty hard to hit unless they are just standing still.

  • Disagree.... thats a rhetoric that can be indulged with any characters.... as well as most games and honestly that being said.... the disdain of replying to this in said way is insatiable, so much so that i personally can see an investment in a facility perpetuating mentally incapable individuals for such like minded people....

  • @Christlike cool now add silence and invisibility...... damn u dont have to agree but if your incapable of seeing the full picture stick the Xbox controller please... JFC

  • @kegkufner silence is negligible if you aren't gonna get the kill shot and theres such a thing as illuminate so that trashes his ult and his escape.

  • I Still think that all three things is too much for his toolkit... And i also think that the whole damn near having to pick illuminate just to survive a character, is a bit unfair as well... and if he jumps swings his aim as he withdraws it usually ranges illuminate in long enough to get kill.

  • @kegkufner I don't like him. I prefer imani, tyra, dredge and drogoz for damage. Have at it though. He can be annoying if the player can hit their shots.

  • Lol Lex deal over 1k Headshot dmg with 50% liferip on deathheathens in 0.7 sec. With discovery 624 Headshot dps in 0.25 sec.

    Play the PTS with the new holdown shooting for Lex on Controller. I got called out by Pro Players for cheating.

    1k Dps than a big fat 1.6 sec waiting for the next arrow also 2k not kill anyone u need do another shot. He is very slow i think the slowest champ in the game. If u miss a shot ur just dead

  • @razor733 I used to play lex and did alright with him. Quit cause of having to keep pressing trigger to shoot. Looking forward to the next patch.

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