Who chooses these challenges?

  • Hello, there is this thread, to ask the question of ... to whom of those who decide the challenges, it seems normal to be able to meet, do 200k of damage, defend 200k and heal 200k?
    If I know this can be made easy, against bots, so I should not complain ... although it is true, this only applies to 200k of damage and 200k of shield, which can be done alone .... But to heal 200k heal is practically impossible being the maximum that can be reached is 100k.
    And here someone will say, well, put together a party or ask for a farm ... if that would be excellent ... the problem is that of the 106 friends I have, I only have 1 that is currently still playing ... and when asking for farm ... nobody He wants to help anyone, just think of himself.
    So the question would be, in order to make a challenge, which forces you to have to talk and need to bother someone to complete it?
    That said, the previous 250 dmg + heal challenge was preferable, which could be completed alone and without disturbing anyone, or rather found a method for it.
    Hopefully take it into account for the next battle pass.
    Thanks for taking the time and reading it.

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    100k heal maximum. Where is that coming from? I don't know my all time record but I assure you it's well over 200k in a single match. I likely could dig up a match if you want proof.

  • Some like these are just really hard, but the problem in my opinion are the many more dumb challenges that require tactics detrimental to the team in-game to complete. So, I stopped caring about BP challenges long ago. IMO, if we are willing to make the whole team suffer so we can complete a BP challenge, then we are not a good teammate.

  • X in one match challenges will always be problematic,shielding is the least problematic,healing is the most problematic and damage is in the middle,unless they are all mixed up like in the battle suit pass they will always be

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    I've done all of the 200k challenges, most without even trying. I got the 200k damage especially easily with Bulldozer 3 - destroying Inara's deployables, Luna etc...

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