Seris Rebalancement [Suggestions]

  • New Seris changes are not very good. Seris is very frustrating to deal with and is way too powerful for a champion that is supposed to be very beginner friendly.

    She still has the same issues she always had, with unbalanced selection of talents and cards, as well being incredibly map specific, but in addition to all that she is extremely overtuned when used properly.

    At the same time I feel like she is going to be not very fun the moment they readjust the values. They actually to forgot nerf the Rend Soul healing output - it still heals Seris for 15% of max health per stack, and I fear that the moment they fix it Seris will be incredibly powerful while not very fun to play at the same time.

    The cards buffs were "nice" but far from enough to ever be considered in loadout. The base kits changes were terrible and remove whatever leftovers of skill she had to use by making her waaaay too forgiving for even a starter champion.

    Since Devs are ready to give her a lot of changes I figured to share some of ideas coming from someone that actually plays the character. I will take a look at pretty much every change they added to Seris this patch, and also look for a way more reasonable way to balance out her talents and cards.

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      • Each Soul Charge you detonate with Rend Soul increases your maximum Health and weapon damage by 2 -> 1% until you die. Stacks up to 15 -> 20 times.
      • OLD: Increase the range of Restore Soul by 300% and reduce the time between Healing ticks by 25%.
      • NEW: Increase the Projectile Speed of Soul Orbs by 75% and their Attack Speed by 5% but they no longer pierce enemies.
    • AGONY
      • OLD: Rend Soul Stuns enemies for 1.5s when they are afflicted with 4 Soul Charges.
      • NEW: Each Soul Charge you detonate with Rend Soul reduces its cooldown by 0.25s and Stuns the victims for 0.25s per Stack they possesed.

    Base kit:

    • Health increased 2200 -> 2400

    • Soul Orbs (LMB)

      • Damage increased 210 -> 228;
    • Restore Soul (RMB)

      • Duration reduced 1.5 -> 1.25s
      • Time between healing ticks reduced 0.15 -> 0.125s
      • AoE healing reduced 60% -> 50%
    • Rend Soul (Q)

      • Cooldown increased 5 -> 8s
      • Damage per stack increased 60 -> 100
      • Healing increased 8% -> 12%
    • Shadow Travel

      • Cooldown increased 12 -> 16s
      • Duration reduced 4 -> 2.75s
      • Movement Speed increased 25 -> 60%


    • Soul Forge
      • OLD: Increase the range from the main target at which Restore Soul's secondary Healing can target allies by {6|6}%.
      • NEW: Increase the initial range of Restore Soul by {8|8}%.
    • Dusk Walker
      • OLD: Reduce the Cooldown of Shadow Travel by {0.8|0.8}s
      • NEW: Increase the duration of Shadow Travel by {0.25|0.25}s.
    • Fade to Black
      • Activating Restore Soul reduces the Cooldown of Shadow Travel by {0.8|0.8} -> {0.5|0.5}s
    • Bane
      • Each Soul Charge you detonate increases your Movement Speed by {1|1}% for 4s, for maximum of 15%.

  • @TTraw i mean what exactly are you saying? What don't you like?

  • She is too good and braindead rn

  • @TTraw they just need to nerf the healing like the patch notes say if all that's true and the patch is online for you. I play on switch so there's no telling when the servers gonna be up agian.

    And I mean she was pretty bad as far as late game healing. She was best as a damage output (SC) healer or secondary damage output healer. The buff to the CD on rend soul and the buff to mortal reach means you can have a healing loadout that isn't a healbot but can damage.

    You Want her to suck so you can say it takes skill to use her?

  • @Christlike
    This will be season 3 all over again. She felt wonderful at first but when that huge heal nerf was actually implemented she turned into worst feeling state funwise. This literally happened already. Watch the complains arrive the moment they nerf her Q heals.

    And you think she will suck after what I proposed? She will still be effective and fun but actually take some effort and be more balanced. Currently Seris attains top healing w/Mortal Reach with no effort, Soul Collector Charges don't matter, and Agony is absolutely dreadful troll that feels like the patch notes were written on April Fools.

  • @TTraw i don't know I think the challenge with mortal reach was staying alive from flanks and still keeping heals up.

    I don't know how you can say SC charges dont matter. SC is basically unchanged. Full stacks can make her a nightmare to deal with.

    I agree the agony changes are kinda meh though. It's like they generalized the stun to where you're meant to focus groups instead of individual champs. Might interesting though if you can string together rend soul resets.

  • Soul collector doesn't matter, lol she is almost immortal when played right. That is without a healer just healing her self. If there is a healer actually healing her with Soul collector i would argue that she is immortal.

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