Cassie Nerf.

  • She got an buff that is, really annoying to fight with, she just needs to hit one shot, and reduces the cooldown of shes escape in 5s ? This is way to strong, if the team help to kill she is still hard to kill, with self sustain, she can escape an battle without any problem, she needs an nerf in this card.
    My ideia for a nerf in this card.

    {1/1} > {0.5/0.5}.

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    it used to be .8|.8 and it wasn't a problem at all lmao, no need to nerf what ain't broke. Cassie is really good, however she is the most skillful good champ I've seen in a while (Remember vik and viv meta?)

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    I think Cassie does need a slight nerf however this is definitely the wrong way to go about it. Because it still requires you to actually get hits. At this point if it does need a nerf it would be back to what it was.

    What I've thought is more along these lines:

    • Nerf her damage from 680 to 650 per shot and nerf her heal card on roll from 75 per rank to 60 per rank.

    I think a nerf like that would probably do more than enuogh to make her not quite as strong as she is now while not gutting an entire playstyle either.

  • I honestly would like to have an actual Nerf to Burst, anything that that an insta shot that takes up to 45% to 50% of your HP in one shot.
    I can exclude champions like Sha lin and Snipers because they firing rate is not fast.
    I do not have problem with them because they can not shoot me anything less than a whole second.
    Strix and kinessa are 1.25 second and Sha lin is 1.5 second.
    But the likes of Cassie that can Do to you 1200 damage using Blast shot combo with another 680 very shortly after that is really annoying and can shoot every 0.75 second.
    Same apply to lian which she can shoot every 0.45 second with a bunch of other spams on top of it making her the most burst champion in the game.
    That's why people been asking for nerfs since forever but Hi Rez just misunderstand and nerf mobility in cassie than her bursted damage.

    I do not personally have much against Lian but still it's just as annoying and needs to have time between shots slower.
    Maybe make Cassie do 700 damage per shot by make her shoot every 1 second if not 1.10 second.

    Now everybody wants to play this dodge roll spam and it's both annoying and broken.
    With chronos 3 you can have literally 0 cooldown on dodge roll and i always get the argument of "well only if you always land it!" if it's broken it's broken. Chances of you landing the shot is just too rewarding of giving you 0 cooldowns to do it again and get healed 375 every single time you do it.

    I do not think nerfing damage is the key but nerfing the fire rate is the solution, people keeping the damage rate going so fast is just too annoying.
    That's why i never found Sha lin to be that annoying honestly or snipers, like i find cassie mains playing cassie.

  • @TheDeltaKingGod Correct me if im wrong but wasn't this the exact buff that they took from her long ago to prevent cassies spamming rolls like discount simp mains?. If so, why they brought it back? like, i can see any reason if she was perfectly balanced before that buff.

  • @PotMaskedMan Except when she was OP she didn't need chronos to do that, now she does. And her sustain was higher (I think - I didn't do maths)/

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    yeah i think the card used to scale by 1s like now but her roll cd used to be 5s instead of 7

  • bro its absolute fine. ur basicly dead when u miss ur shot

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