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  • I've made couple of tickets month ago to unlink my steam account and I still have no replay / no unlink, is there any support in this game for real???

  • The most useless support I've ever seen, I've sent 3-4 tickets a month ago to unlink my steam account and still nothing..
    And you are pretending that this game is going better? I can't play form 2 months couse your logging system is full with bugs..

  • @thehoodbaby
    Hello, i had same issue in the past, if you want to unlink your steam account go to your hi rez account, in the site, simply just google "my hirez account" and you will find the site and you login using the account you play with.
    Go to the "linked accounts" and simply press "unlink account" on your steam option, and just like that your issue will be solved.
    You literally don't need to contact custom support to do that.

  • Yep, I've done this but it automatically give me this message "TO UNLINK YOUR ACCOUNT, PLEASE SUBMIT A REQUEST TO CUSTOMER SUPPORT HERE.", so I'm waiting from more than 1 month to solve this, but I don't think they gonna do something, I think to give up and quit this game, It's mockery you are playing this game from 3 years + and this shitty support(if there is in this cheap game - just donate to for crystals to give them money, than go fuck yourself) don't even try to replay on your 5 tickets from 1 month...

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    @thehoodbaby Support is usually answered in 7-14 business days. Did you receive at least the confirmation of sending the ticket on email?

  • Yes, I did and still nothing

  • Still nothing, this game and support sucks alot 🙂

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