Io's current state and what needs to be done,also jenos

  • Life link is the dominant talent for Io and that's for a reason,Io gets self healing and also heals a lot more than usual,
    And then you have her other talents....Goddess's blessing is only decent if people have cauterize,the damage reduction is too low and it doesn't have anything worthwhile
    Sacrifice tries to do the opposite,instead of keeping your teammates alive it keeps you alive...kind of, life link does it a lot better and again it doesn't give anything worthwhile.

    Godess's blessing should recieve healing through walls and additional damage reduction,it should go from 25% to 30% up to 45%

    Sacrifice should increase io s base health and the cooldown should be reduced to 30 seconds or lower

    And Jenos, the worst healer maybe besides Grover, Jenos should have a healing talent,he barely heals anything and his weapon doesn't do good damage,he has healing which can be active while you fire but both his damage and the healing are so low that it isn't worth it

    Grover has good damage,his healing is AoE and he does good damage to back up the healing along with self healing to heal himself besides his teammates

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    uh, healing through walls and dmg reduction? that's broken
    i'd say either healing trough walls, or a 300% range + increased healing to match similar supports, but it seems too op as well
    jenos is the best support atm because of his dmg boost

    grover is pretty solid but I really don't like how he heals, 900 on a high cooldown is really not for me and the passive healing is kinda weak like jenos heal

  • @TangAce a range increase will also be a good idea if added besides the current talent

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    I agree IO's two other talents need rework.

    Jenos: Maybe you have never seen a decent Jenos - look at this:
    Enemy Jenos did 14k per minute - exceptional performance.

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