I really like this game but the rules need to be changed hear me out

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    @Shadowpuppy I've seen that you reply to basically every post which says anything even halfway negative about this game and disagree with what's being said. And it's making me wonder at this point do you work for hi rez or evil mojo? I'm not even trying to insult you here but it seems like all you do is sit on these forums and blindly praise ANYTHING that's been done in the design of this game. I'm starting to wonder if you even play the game.

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    There is my play time. You think you lose because of luck. You can never get better if you cannot accept that you have more to learn about the game.

    It is not luck that the other teams built up their items to counter your team and win on the final round. Its not luck that they change to an all out point attack on the final round when they all have cauterize 3.

    What is lucky for those teams is you thinking that every round is going to play out the same as the one before it and when it doesnt you call it luck.

    Unlike you my game name is the same as my forum name so you can look at my stats and play time any time ya like.

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    @Shadowpuppy I never said any of those things were luck. You're putting words in my mouth because you know what I said is true and you're making a desperate attempt to be able to make a point. And doing a bad job at it. I said everyone gets lucky or unlucky sometimes. To say that luck plays no part in this or any game what so ever is just ridiculous. Also it's ridiculous to say of one team caps three times and the other team caps once the team that capped one time should be the winner. You're doing nothing but proving everything I just said about you. You blindly praise anything done with the design of this game. And you never get off these forums. And it's very apparent you get upset over any little thing said about the game which is even slightly negative. Which is what leads me I believe you're a hi rez/ evil mojo employee. By the way play time in this game doesn't mean you have any idea what you're talking about. I've seen plenty of level 500+ accounts which are still not good at the game.

  • @boredomcoffee Don't really care what you think Cjthehuman, and neither does anyone else. Only person that agrees with anything you say is your self with your multi accounts patting your self on the back. How fucking sad are you.

    By the way the link in my signature will take you to the guides section. There are all kinds of things in there that can improve your game play if you actually want to improve.

    The team that gets the 4th point wins and thats how the game works. It was made like that for a reason. The team that capped 3 times has a 900 credit advantage. If they lose is their own fault for playing it badly.

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    @Shadowpuppy you're way lower rank than me I'm already better at the game than you. By the way I'm not CJthehuman. But he did turn me on to this forum. He's a friend of mine and I wanted to see if what he said about this place was true. And it definitely is. I saw many of the posts he made due to the fact he took screen shots. And the ones that were deleted were just about game information which is 100% correct that hi rez/evil mojo didn't want getting out.

    What's sad is you. I can't imagine how boring your life must be with how much time you spend on these forums to be instantly replying to me after I replied to something you said 9 hours ago. Not only that but getting mad and crying every single time someone says anything negative in the feedback on these forums. By the way actually plenty of people agree with the things I and other people who point out the negatives of this game say. They just get banned and the posts get removed so other people can't see it.

    Also the 300 credits a team gets for capturing the objective does not change the fact that a team should not get a point for every single defense. 300 credits is not a lot to a player who knows what theyre doing. And it's very easy to farm more than 300 credits off of the team pushing if you have a team who knows how to play the game.

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    It's time to stop, because it is creating unnecessary toxicity here.

  • @Lukash369 agreed, I know better than to engage so its really my fault for letting him drag me into it again. I will stop responding to his threads as its just going to be toxic if I do not agree.

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    This post is deleted!

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    @Lukash369 So anyone else who curses another forum user out gets a temporary suspension or ban but this guy who blindly agrees with anything hi rez/ evil mojo do in this game just gets a "time to stop"? Interesting.

  • @boredomcoffee Are you comparing insulting another user with blindly agreeing with the company ? Interesting indeed, I almost thought one of the two was against the forum's code of conduct while the other is not even mentioned and does no harm to anyone.
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, whether is blindly supporting or blindly criticizing the game and no one has ever been banned just for that. You can find plently of critiques on the forum that haven't been deleted, nor their author banned, especially in the Rage Threads, because it's toxic behaviour and language that get people banned, not their opinion.

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    @SomeGuySomeWhere is right.

    Like I said, I'm blocking this thread.

    @boredomcoffee I recommend checking the rest of the forum, especially the Code of Conduct.

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