[Drogoz] Dead shot 2400 damage, and more

  • Hello

    With good timing and average aiming Drogoz can one shot many Champions.
    900 damage with spit fire + (250 damage x 6) = 2400

    With direct fire damage you can add 375 damage.

    Already played against a drogoz, already test it my self. One shot when player is in full life except against tank.
    Used in aire for easy shot. Too powerfull.
    No champion can one shot without ultim except Drogoz.

    Have a nice day.

  • @Cranavis it's not really that crazy. Barrage has a 20 sec cooldown and a very small range unless you put points into it, and the spit can be seen from far away. Not to mention both have to hit players almost directly for full damage.

    Also; strix, kinessa and dredge can One shot too. (Im sure im forgeting some, But these are from the top of My head)

  • No. They (snipers) need 2 shots. With timing betewen the 2 shots.
    And skill of Drogoz can be shorter with deck.
    That most powerfull than it's own ultimate, about timer and risk of death.

  • @Cranavis realistically, landing all 6 salvo shots is unlikely, since most people would just use their mobility skill

  • @Zeebuoy you are out of how powerful the Drogoz combo is, it's a hit kill combo (flanks, damage and props) that if not killing is just a matter of firing one more shot. There are skins that still have the low volume of the bubble and when you scare you are dead. Drogoz has very consistent damage and a supreme hit kill to all classes, Drogoz has 2 more abilities because of these combos that should not exist.

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