*Spoilers* New maeve skins Opinions

  • So i am going to give my opinions on the new maeve skins. I. LOVE. THEM. Pirate Maeve is so beautiful for that and only that i will purchase this battlepass. If it was already too good Golden maeve also looks beautiful. I really love Pirate Maeve's design, daggers, and her ult music is so good. And street style Maeve's prowl music being buffed is also beautiful. Beautiful Battle pass indeed. Anything you guys love about Maeve's new skins? One more thing. FUCK YOU HI-REZ FOR BRINGING BACK RAEVE. ok thats it.

  • @Maeveinator i like the golden One. The pirate One is ok, But i dont really like pirate skins. What i dont like through is that It feels like maeve is getting a skin every other patch and im getting tired of it.

  • @Leafstorm Well they know how to take my money..

  • PC

    I like the coat, but everything else just waste it
    so I'm gonna keep using raeve as it's just wayyyyyyy better

    love the ruckus tho

  • Not sure I like the gold skin, too much...well..gold in it. The coat should've been black with gold accents instead of that chocolate brown thing it is now. Imani was a really good gold skin imo and they should use that as inspiration when doing the others.

    Also remember when we had to grind that 'pay to win' VIP shop for the Raeve skin? Yeah, nothing is sacred if there's profit to me made I guess

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