Please Address The Mixer Store Skin Situation

  • Hello, I have been playing paladins for a month now. Like many paladins players, I wonder why the Mixer Store is never updated.

    When I watched your live update talk show for the pirate battle pass... On Mixer; None of the staff brought up Mixer, the features associated with Mixer, or whether or not the current Mixer skins will EVER be updated.

    the presumed reasoning among viewers has been inconsistent, with most people seemingly never expecting an update

    If no update is coming we would like to know so that we can spend mixer points on the current selection of skins rather than wait and save.

    Especially since Hi-Rez benefits from viewers that have linked to mixer and watch their live updates there, I believe at least a direct answer in the form of yes or no from someone on the Paladins team would be very beneficial to the community.

  • I was planning to write about this situation but my friend here has explained it very well and yes please allow us to use it on some other items such as chest or other skins rather than us playing the waiting game ☺

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