Need a team Add D.Enigma

  • Need a team for competitions and etc. Must be willing to practice and get better. I'm personally good with like close to 10 people so if your good with only one its ok. Add if interested D.Enigma

  • Heyyy
    I'd love to help out with the team thing, i was looking for players myself
    If you would like i would love to get You into server, cause we have about 7-10 regular daily players but would love to grow
    I'm recruitment guy and one of heaviest players of paladins on server (not best tho).

    on serv just head to #roles and press paladins icon to get "@Paladins" role so we can search You among server users by that tag, so we know you play paladins.
    than on left side you should find voice and text chat for Paladins
    If you write "@Paladins" you ping every paladins player on serv for game

    I personally am usually afternoon-evening-night counting by UTC time.
    My nicknames in paladins and in Discord are respectivly

    Have nice day in the realm ; )

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