Possible idea for a shaolin buff

  • I though of this in the shower, but some ideas I have for a possible buff for my boi

    Withdraw cooldown 15s > 12s
    Withdraw invisibly duration 2s > 2.5s

    • so the idea of this is to have his movement up more frequently, and having a shot breaking stealth more securable (this will make a lot more sense with the following desert shadow change in mind)

    Deserts shadow: any shot breaking stealth does 15% extra damage and increase ult charge by 15% (and only an idea) and heat haze last 2 more seconds

    • so this talant before is no where worth using, explosive arrow already has more damage, with a shorter cooldown, and AoE, while that extra 25% isnt always able to happen every 15 seconds, so I think lowering the damage, while buffing withdraw and making the damage increase in the ult might make it worth using, and bring shalin in a better position

    Also I do think the knockback of his impaler arrow should be increased just cause it is was to hard to secure a stun, or at least increase the duration of the stun.

    Now for card buffs
    Oasis 80 > 100 heal

    That's about it

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