Make Jenos' meta funnier

  • Jenos meta playstyle is use Luminary, max out Retrograde and maybe Astral Cycle, hide behind barriers and heal from cover. When you see an enemy is coming keep the distance. It is effective now, but its boring after some hour gameplay. He's got more intresting playstyles as well, but those aren't such effective.
    I suggest a balance change pack what could make is meta palystyle more intresting.

    Being more intresting means in my dictionary being more risky and able to (and worth to) deal more damage. So this suggestion pack contains nerfs and buffs as well.

    First of all he has way better KDA than any other champion has, becasue he has tons of free elims. These alims are from his low cd - high duration heals. So I suggest to lower the duratin by rework his healing.
    The other problem is that the heal buffer cards are too important for him, we just have to put the most loadout points to them. I suggest to nerf these cards. His hiding meta is viable because he has long enaugh heal range for heal the mates from safety distance. I suggest to reduce it for force him closer to the combat (what is more intresting). His best talent is Luminary what doesn't changes his playstyle at all, just gives a constant dmg buff to the team mates. It's much more effective than Torvald's or Tyra's dmg buffer talents, because it effects literally to all of the damage dealer mates. It's too efficient and too easy to use well. So here is the heal rework part of my suggestion:
    -Reduce Astral mark's duration from 10s to 8s
    -Unnerf Astral Mark's healing from 220/s to 250/s
    -Nerf Retrograde's bonus from 0.5s/lvl to 0.4s/lvl
    -Rework Astral Circle: Increase his burst heal by 70/lvl.
    -Rework Luminary: Applying Astral Mark garants 15% increased damage and 15% damage reduction to the ally for 3s.
    -Reduce the range of his healing from 90 units to 70 units.

    His self healing cards are realy unbalanced: Relativity is realy strong while Eclipse is totaly useless. Jenos doesn't use Void Grip so often, it has a short duration, it's able to escapre from or reduce it by cc reduction and the main problem is that he is often attacked while channeling this skill, while the enemy's Cauterize effect ruins this card's selfhealing. Penumbra was OP with the 8% scaling while he had higher damage, but his damage and this card have been nerfed as well, so its useless already.
    -Relativity: Reduce its duration to 4s.
    -Eclipse: Every second channeling Void Grip heals you for {150|150}.
    -Penumbra: Gain {7|7}% Lifesteal.

    The heal range nerf would touches him so hard, because it forces him to go closer to the enemies. I would compensate it with a realy funy buff:
    -Increase his ultimate charge by 40%.
    His ultimate misses a lot, but it can also make the play of the games! This is why it's very intresting skill in his kit. More ultimate would make more fun 😄

    Resillance counters The Power Cosmeum so hard, not just because it reduces the effect of the CC but it's also reduces the dagame of the talent. This is why this talent is so weak. I suggest to rework Void Grip's dmg mechanic for make it less counterable by cc reduction:
    -Void Grip deals 500 burst damage but no longer deals damage during the duration. The Power Cosmeum double's it of course.

    Cosmic Barrier just buffs his fleeing meta. I would incite him to fight not to retreat better, so I suggest to rework and rename this card:
    Cosmic Gate: Your first {1|1} shots while using Stellar Wind don't cancel this skill.

  • @KicsitCsicska just saying, people are discovering how to use void grip/power cosmeum recently

  • @KicsitCsicska i agree with everything. But maybe 40% ult charge is a bit much with Everything else

  • You know, the current Luminary doesn't require any skill, any complex tactic or timing, you just hold the Astral Mark on the damage dealers for the win.
    Torvald and Tyra has way less duration on their dmg buffs, this is why I don't understand why their talents have been nerfed, and Jenos' isn't.
    My suggestion would require good timing for use the bonus well, you would need teamwork, recognization of situations and decide about is worth the use the Luminary's bonus but lose heals (Luminary's bonus works in cambat, while the player is certainly effected by Cauterize).
    So you always should ponder the situations in the viewpont of the healing, much more than now. Luminary's insane amount of dmg bonus (literally permanent for 3 players) makes the fights unfair and realy oppressive for the enemies. This is just an easy key to win, this is why I suggested to rework it. I wish these are enaugh reasons and explanations for change something.

  • PC

    That sounds SO BROKEN! 🤣

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