• How do you comrades feel about Burning?

    Dimitri Loves Burning... mediocure damage over time, does a nice job at applying pressure to foes.

    However as a gameplay dynamic, it is somewhat lacking in its potential application. Too few champions inflict Burning as a kit feature dispite how many fire type abilities exist.

    Burning exists as a Weak Damage Amp, DoT reveal, DoT zoning pressure and can work as an anti heal feature.
    It has a myriad use of utillity for a form of damage application.

    For this reason, it would be interesting to see light forms of burning on abilities, especially in the damage class who should do more to provide offence utility to the team other then attack damage.

    I have a feeling that some of the burst combos could be altered and drawn out by the application of Burning damage and retuning of inhand attack damage to work alongside the Burn damage.

    Furthermore, Burning is not very impactful vs tank classes. The time you are burning is fairly mediocure considering how much HP you have to burn through, a breif burning duration increase dependant on Player Max HP would allow characters with Burning damage to light up chunky targets for longer, thus aiding to counter sustain healing for longer periods if caut cannot be applied.

  • not quite related, but maybe pyromania could add a burn to her in hand attacks?

    since it's not quite worth using, is it?

  • "Furthermore, Burning is not very impactful vs tank classes"

    From a purely damage perspective, yes, but watch out for a Nando with Caut 3. Caut 3 napalm is very scary.

  • @Fortis01x burns don't apply weapon effects

  • Burning on top of Cauterise is a strong anti heal factor as it aids to nuke the sustain of over time healing such as most of the tank classes.

    For example, 200 - 600HP/sec point sustain against %90 caut and burning.

    Even when you deny the damage they are dealing, you are taking 100 damage/sec and your healing is reduced to 20-60HP/sec until caut ends, 1.5s after.

    You can die by this healing denial + plus damage, if not dead then at least lit up enough that they know roughly where you are, due to utility DoT reveal reasons.

  • Burning is good at forcing people to retreat further away for self defence as anyone with a burning attack should have an agressive reveal window which they can briefly track their foes.

    But I personally have my issues with that reveal superpower...
    The reveal range of burning is limitless...
    Thus it can track the use of movement and some teleports abilities with no hinderance...

    This is something that could be mitigated to true line of sight after a certain distance from player or even using Illuminate as a form of burning wall hacks range threshold...?

    Would be interesting to see illuminate being used as a burning reveal assist item for tracking reasons though.

  • @Fortis01x

    Rukus & Khan also have fairly good caut application and can sweep caut from afar, but have the dps to take wrecker and brake shields as a utility.

    Whereas Nando is limited to a roaming cauterise hose, burning gives caut greater threat potential due to the afterburn damage through defence and normal sustain moves.

    Grohk's lightning chainsaw is also VERY SCARY.

    Fern just gets a cheeky overburn utility which gives him the foresight to oppress, chase and defend as a hostile control debuff function through the use of his weapon.

  • @Zeebuoy I'll defer to you. There was an old nando guide that talked-up caut a bunch (way pre-fireball nerf, when lance caut + anti-healing fireballs were cool). I thought we get life rip from his lingering lance burning because they count as weapon hits (or maybe we don't lol), and weapon hits would convey burn cards.

    On another note, I agree that burns could use some focus as a mechanic that's already there and could be enhanced.

  • @Zeebuoy

    I just want imani to throw fireballs that explode on contact, deal damage and AoE size dependant on charge time, with apt area burning potential on fully charged shots, as base kit feature to alternate between damage types with utility instead of giving her a sha lin arrow...

    Her talents are gronk.. her mana is gronk...


    as base kit feature to alternate between damage types with utility instead of giving her a sha lin arrow...
    Her talents are gronk.. her mana is gronk...


    alternatively let a full mana bar affect her other abilities too,

    like a shield when switching to ice
    or an aoe explosion centered around them when swapping to fire,

    increased speed/duration for glide etc,
    anything more interesting than slightly more burst

  • For an example of abilties that could gain potential burning with a little bit of thought.

    Valour deals 100 Direct Damage and Burns for 3s.

    Blast shot deals 250 Damage and Burns Targets for 2s.

    Grenade Deals, 500 Damage Burns for 3s.

    Grumpy Bomb Deals 600 Damage and Burns for 2s.

    Fire Spit 800 Damage and Burns for 1.5s
    Combustible: Targets are knocked back and Burn for 3s.

    Adapting Buring into fire abilities in general.

    Missiles deal 150 each and Burn for 2s,
    Missiles in Hexifire also burn.

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