IO's stun

  • With the new patch, the newest addition to the roaster IO is seen as really underwhelming due to her flaws. To compensate for this, Luna was given a hard stun which can stun for 2 seconds every 18 seconds (If i remember correctly). Whilst this does make the stun pretty mediocre due to its long cooldown, the stun actually ignores almost anything in its way except for some cc immunity. As any frontline who carries their shield, it can practically ignore the shield just like bombkings ultimate and stun through it. As a flank, except for Evie's Iceblock and moji's magic barrier, it can stun through almost everything most notably, zhins counter. It can also stun zhin during his ult in certain cases. Not only is this frustrating while being against io, its extremely game changing and can decide a win or lose in certain cases. Thus, I believe it should not go through the things mentioned above and act as all normal stuns do i.e grumpy bomb, inara's ult etc.

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