Paladins PTS is Live! - Pirate's Treasure

  • Evil Mojo

    Hello all!

    PTS is up with the Pirate’s Treasure patch. The build you will want to be on for now is 2.10.3342.0. You can download the patch by going to the Paladins page on Steam and selecting the “Click here to install Public Test Server” button just below the cool videos and images:

    Please use the #report-a-pts-bug channel to report any bugs you find in PTS! Thank you so much for participating in the Public Test Server! You can find the discord at!

    Currently known major issues with PTS Build 2.10.3342.0:

    • Zhin is invisible in several places in the menus (he is visible in matches!)
    • Battle Pass Challenges are currently not progressing
    • Visual issues with Battle Pass acquisitions
    • No in-map music plays during King of the Hill after the beginning of the match
    • Some models on the home screen
    • Various other minor issues

    More items may be added to this list as they arise. Please report issues and we will work on getting them fixed! Thank you so much!

  • I visit the PTS server today. When i start Siege it keeps connecting, so i try DTM and it was the same. I waited for 2 minutes and nothing happened, with all the others the same. Please, i want to see new maps.

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