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    well depends, when we complain about tyra's mark or strix...can't say it's very skilled...
    but anyway considering the number of counters to evie...
    the one champ requiring skill that I'm complaining about is maeve, cause cat burglar is too bursty

    but op champs like willo....or braindead like tyra or vik, how can we think it's okay to have such things in the game?

    evie is one of the most balanced champ, strong, yet hard to play, countered by many champs
    it's not like tyra's mark where you can only wait, or willo that you can't kill, you can kill evie if you know how evie is played

  • @jocasela said in Achoo!:

    You say ultimates should be game changers ? Well Evie's ulti is not it is too weak. Lets compare it with Tyra's "Fire Bomb" which actually better version of Evie's ulti.
    It slows

    Fire bomb does NOT slow. One can simply walk out of it.

    Yet you calling this ulti op ?

    No. I call the fact that she can spam her ult OP. Even Buck ult would be OP if he could do it every 20 seconds.

    Evie gets %6 ulti charge with a DIRECT HIT which means she can recharge her ulti at 17 seconds theorically (with only hits disregarding passive charge). 10 seconds you say ? Maybe you forgot to add you were using Lvl 3 Moral Boost ?

    Maybe you forgot she only needs 50% charge to ult with snow globe? 😎

    This topic should be deleted. Because it is obvious owner is quite biased aganist Evie. Doesnt want to admit that he was bested by a better player. This topic is not constructive.

    If the Talent is that shitty as you explained so eloquently shouldn't you be glad if it is removed? 😀

    @ShogunPukin said in Achoo!:

    Also from my point of view 90% of people complaining about a character in every game is people than dont want to admit that they got outskilled/outsmarted, probably the case in this thread

    From my point of view 95% of people who get personal in a balancing discussion are fanboys of said champion. The Evie did what TangAce described.

    I only use it against champs like maeve to just focus on them whole game long cause I hate this champ

    Question is, if the idea of an ult is to bully another champ by constantly ulting them. Or if this is described well as "outsmart".

  • First of all Evie cant SPAM Her ulti even with snow globe. Do you know what spam means ? Apperantly you dont or you are so biased you ignore what it really means. Spamming, for gaming means, repeated use of the same item or skill. For example, Dredge using broad side or Moji holding down mouse buttons or Grover keep throwing axes. You cant use snow globe every 20 seconds in the game. In practical it takes more time to charge than theorical calculations. And Evie can only use her ulti twice in succesion. (with snow globe) How this is spamming ? Also you wouldnt want to do that anyway. The main function of Ice Storm is cripple. that why it is used. if u use ulti in succesion u r only applying 3.5 second cripple. Dont forget Ice storm has 0.5 pre cast time and snow globe reduces it duration by half.

    If you want Snow globe to removed what should it be changed with ? Evie should have 2 talents ? 3 is too much for her ? You guys hate Evie this much ? Seriously this topic is not constructive. He says that talent should be removed but doesnt bother with suggesting a new talent ffs.

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    @jocasela Chill, you don't have to get mad because someone wants to nerf someone. You can have good arguments without attempting to insult someone else. This topic is still open because constructive discussion has arisen from it.

  • @Borvik

    1. There is no insulting.
    2. I am just pointing this topic is not consructive and the owner is biased and not being objective. After all he wants a talent to be removed just because he is annoyed. And he doesnt even bother to suggest a new talent to replace.

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    @M3RC3N4RI0 if you feel like I got personal you are wrong. I just didnt have a good day, read this and replied harsher than usual, I have nothing against you nor Im an evie main (I dont know which thing did you refer on personal). In fact one of my mains is maeve which is one of the target of this talent and I can tell you that it doesnt work that well from my experiences or I just faced bad evies. They can have more kda than maeve but they will end up probably losing... is it annoying? Yes it is but evie without wormhole cant get pressure enough pressure because she cant get that deep in the enemy team like standard evie. By the time you are stacking your ult a proper maeve is messing your team and if they have snowball champs like io, makoa ash...then is really hard to comeback. Even if they dont have those champs is still hard to recover from that pressure that maeve was able to do and evie unable to respond. If she has ult at the start of the round then you need to play the map less agressive but maybe this matchup got harder for maeve after her ult became useless vs evie. Anyways if she still throw her ult at you it will probably end with both dead (yo against her and her against your teanmates)

    Maybe they could rework the talent but never nerf ...this talent is just annoying like tyra burn monster but after all people end up playing wormhole and hunting mark because they are way better and they are the reason that you are playing evie and tyra.

    This was written on phone so sorryyyyy

  • @ShogunPukin said in Achoo!:

    and if they have snowball champs like io, makoa ash...

    Who are snowball champions?

  • @Driggydrug guessing it's someone that gets buffs from kills and elims and keep pushing, like Makoa with his movement buff, if that's what you're asking

  • @M3RC3N4RI0 psst, her get out of jail free card that doubles the effectiveness of an already good self heal card is still worse

    even worse is how that's on a 3 second cooldown

  • @ShogunPukin said in Achoo!:

    @M3RC3N4RI0 if you feel like I got personal you are wrong.

    I meant jocasela.

    @Zeebuoy said in Achoo!:

    @M3RC3N4RI0 psst, her get out of jail free card that doubles the effectiveness of an already good self heal card is still worse

    Since I play Buck I can hardly complain about selfheal. 😎

  • @M3RC3N4RI0 said in Achoo!:

    Since I play Buck I can hardly complain about selfheal.

    her's is instant, on a character with more mobility and dps

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