why I don't play casual

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    the elo on guru doesn't mean much tbh...

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    The Guru ELO may not be the same as Paladins but the overall idea is the same. Here's a better view for that EU match. I thought the Furia was a siege noob but no - has 155H of ranked play. The Skye is an unknown.


  • I only play casual to try a champion I don't play usually. Except the no tanks meta it seems normal. For the purpose - dueling my champ vs others - it's not really relevant how the matchmaking is, or if there are bots. So I probably wouldn't have noticed.

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    Clowning around some more on EU. BTW, ~140 ping.

    First match of the day. ~1500 UTC: https://paladins.guru/match/censored/9OHDYXmyb
    I'm the losing Skye. Our IO was account level 38 and L0 IO.
    Lian was crying for healing.

    Second: https://paladins.guru/match/censored/XxHJY14zj
    Someone put up L0 Atlas so I went with Barik.
    Enemy managed to defend twice.
    I get POTG and top damage on my team.

    Third: https://paladins.guru/match/censored/XxHJY9bOL
    I'm the IO. My team was saying gg before match started because of the refusal of someone to front. On enemy, Pip went Catalyst. Looks like their BK went bot or was the worst ever - maybe rage quit for the Pip talent? Pip starts trashing his team after they lose. LMAO.

    Basically, EU has the same hit or miss stuff with skill and team comp as NA. You're just unlucky if you keep getting trash/bots.

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    I stopped playing siege casual just because of the constant hit or miss matchmaking that would happen, too many one sided stomps just kills the fun and makes it not worth the wait for a good match to come along, also accounting the fact of not having a tank on the team would really put a damper on things, so instead I just switched to playing onslaught and tdm all the time and I enjoy the game a lot more for it.

  • well, in SEA 70% of my games have standard tank/support vs tank/support compositions.
    What region are you guys in btw?

    PS : the plot twist : I don't play ranked in SEA, last season I solo queue in ranked and that was traumatizing

  • It's funny because, I actually ended up enjoying the game more once I started playing solely ranked.
    Being able to ban things, drafting and playing in a more competitive envoriment is great.

    I basically only touch casual to practice a new build or champ or play TDM.

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    Huh, these are actually the reasons I rarely play competitive anymore. I'm only in Platinum so there's 5 stacks, and there's whiny morons that leave and put in bots. I have a 56% winrate in casual siege, but in competitive siege it's only 51% right now even as I carry teams in both queues. The only times I actually get on comp queue are to stop rank decay.

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    average damage of my teammates in casual? 20k

  • @TangAce I'm from AUS and play with cross-play on. Sometimes I'll get console players that are pretty trash but I rarely get bots. Is this just an occurrence on EU servers?

  • Bots are caused rage quitters which are caused by bad matchmaking which are caused by parties farming solo players. This is why casual is trash. No one will listen to me though until the game is dead.

  • Maybe you can try other regions, my experience in casual EU & SEA seems to be good almost all match has FL/Supp. The levels are still screw up tho...

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    @OrangeGirl said in why I don't play casual:

    Bots are caused rage quitters which are caused by bad matchmaking which are caused by parties farming solo players. This is why casual is trash. No one will listen to me though until the game is dead.

    MM can't know if a player is going to be a selfish pig or not. You go into a match and the team comp is good but still missing support - last person (aka selfish pig) decides to go DPS. When you look up the match that pig player has an account level of 200+. My casual experience is relatively good. Yeah I get wacky team comps, occasional bots,quitters etc but for the most part it's pretty good. TangAce seems to have exceptionally bad luck though.

  • @DaddyOoker i don't know if you're implying that I'm one of those "selfish pigs" who don't fill roles which you think cause bad games.

    Team comp only matters when the teams have relatively equal skill levels. But when you play against a 5 stack of players of equal or greater combined skill, you are gauranteed to lose no matter what comp either side plays with.

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    Never played with you that I know of so no, not implying anything.

    Just saying MM can't know if there will be a pig or who the pig(s) will be. It's not fair to blame every problem on the MM.

  • @DaddyOoker
    I'm not blaming mm, I am blaming parties. Parties ruin mm becauase mm cannot deal with parties

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    You get no argument from me that the MM has it's issues - party or not.

    I hate quitters. A person who quits for losing the first point is the worst. These people are more likely to be solo but not always. I had one the other day - we had support, front and 3 damage - person quits when we lose first point. Sometimes it takes a point loss or two before the team can adapt to each other. Happens all the time. We had a perfectly viable team comp yet the pig quits so we lose.

    No MM can deal with this garbage.

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    how to win in casual? party up with lvl 30ish and farm enemy team, did that, got 52kda boys, 64 kill streak
    and now I simply win cause I play in trash games lol

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    All we ask for in casuals when my friends and I play, is just ONE game without an enemy Lian. She's so overused now in everything, just a single game without her would mean so much. ._.

  • Casual is filled with bots and 5 stacks. There's no way to enjoy it. Next year, this game will be the next realm royale with the only human players being twitch streamers farming bots and thinking they are good. Another successful psychological experiment by hi-rez.

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