Golden mount

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    could we get a golden mount when we reach account lvl 500
    we have gold skins, so why not a golden horse ^^

  • Great idea, however i think the account level should be 100 instead of 500.

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    Agreed, it took me forever just to get where I am and I'm not even level 300 yet. 100 or 150 would be good. But the idea sounds wonderful!

  • PC

    yeah but like, everyone would have it at lvl 100...
    not everyone has golden skins, and not on every champ, it has to be somewhat hard to get
    even my smurf is near lvl 100...and I almost never play on it
    but maybe we could think of account lvl reward every 100 lvls?

  • Great Idea. But what I really want is golden skins for every champion first, especially Khan and Talus. They are very underappreciated champions... But who cares as long as we keep getting new Maeve and Ying skins... 😄

    • Could be versatile if it matches all the gold skins
    • Something to look forward to in the long run (although i'm past level 500 atm)
    • Would be nice to have an in-match proof you're not smurfing xD


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