Midnight Ult Idea

  • So after midnight took a big nerf I thought of some ways to fix it and add more to it.

    Midnight grants a 25% speed bonus to Maeve until it ends.

    Midnight covers the whole map, effects cc immune targets and effects dead and re-spawned targets. (like Cassie)

    Midnight grants a 25% damage buff to all of Maeve's attacks until it ends.


    This will make Maeve a big threat when she pops her ult and can actually change the flow of the game. You can now use it to apply a lot of pressure to the enemy team. more.

    Let me know if there is some nerfing to do with this idea or things to add or something..

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    The second idea could be a talent but as the ult itself...

    I like the first idea as an ult buff so at least it doesnt become useless when there is so much cc inmunity the others seems too strong.

  • @ShogunPukin Well midnight lasts only a few seconds, so you would need to take advantage of the buffs in a short period of time. I feel like if you can use it correctly it can be very devastating to the other team.

  • I think giving her a speed boost during it could work wonders.
    Cassie not only gets a massive speed boost but also becomes CC immune, so I think Maeve having extra speed is fine.

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    You want to undo the nerf and add more benefits on top? GL.

    Maybe it's just me but I feel that ults are supposed to be strategic in nature, provide the team some sort of advantage and not simply allow one champion to do a team wipe.

    • Speed boost - Acceptable to me. I have another idea that IMO is more beneficial overall - A 50% (or other suitable %) slow is applied to enemies in the zone. This allows a counter via resilience and benefits your team as well.

    • Covers whole map - How about a 25-50% increase in radius instead? I don't like the other changes.

    • Damage buff - Maeve doesn't need a damage buff during the ult. Others on your team are supposed to take advantage of the enemy blindness.

  • @Eloxist Her prowl is already silent in the ult. Maybe buffing it to give extra jump height during the ult might be a good idea.

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