Aim assist on PS4?

  • Hey guys, I'm a long time Paladins player on PC.
    I played the game on PS4 at a friend's house and decided to download it on my PS4 because it felt smooth with the auto-aim and everything.
    The game runs perfectly however auto-aim isn't working for me and it has been very difficult getting used to aiming with the controller.
    When I go to the settings, under Controls, I don't see the aim assist options (friction and magnet).
    Can anyone shed some light on this subject? How can I fix my auto-aim settings?

  • I think its broken for every ps4 player. I'm surprised I felt no difference.

  • Moderator

    It is there, but it only ever seems to work at times when you don't want it to.
    Honestly, as someone who's played controller my whole life, all if does is get me killed, since it doesn't understand that projectile champions don't want to be magnetised to a target all the time.

    Would be nice to have it removed, or have an option for those who don't actually want it at all.

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