For the love of all the gods, please fix the matchmaking.

  • First, I have no idea if these even get to the devs, but I am kind of out of ideas by now.
    Second, although I shall attempt to remain cordial, please assume that whoever is responsible for matchmaking in its current state is having a sneezing fit all day, every day.

    Now, could someone enlighten me as to how the matchmaking supposedly works? Because as far as I can tell, it does not.
    In my experience, I just spent the better part of a week getting curb-stomped again. I am talking about a 4 minute ROFLstomping in TDM 4/5 times. Even if we assume that I am an absolutely abysmal player, should I not be put up against similarly useless people? And yet that never seems to be the case.

    I shall not start listing my grievances unless otherwise prompted, or we would be here all day, so I shall just offer some suggestions for deliberation instead.
    1.: Premade groups should only fight premade groups. Maybe 4-5 agaist others, and only allow 2-3 into the full random queue at most. If you play random, a group of whatever skill level will just stomp your team almost every time. I don't know about others, but I rarely, if ever, have a full team ready to go when I get to play.

    2.: Separate the wheat from the chaff. People who consistently go AFK, just run in circles, attack an empty corner the whole match, do not buy items and do not even turn on auto-purchase, do not even do anything their role is supposed to, throw them into their own queue. Once they figure out what they are supposed to be doing, they can play with everyone else.

    3.: Maybe introduce a rating system. Post-match, you get to vote on the participants about wether or not you would want to have such people in your future matches.(but not whether as an enemy or friend). Probably not as a hard choice, but over time, it could build up into a profile that would preferentially match you with the types of players with similar statistics to those. Honestly not sure how realistic this is from the game or mathematics side, the code-monkeys and mathematicians I am sure work for Hi-Rez can probably figure it out.

    4.: I am sure there is an actual "player quality" statistic already. I am not sure how realistic it is, but currently, we are obviously not getting matched by it. One match is full of people who spend the match sniffing glue at spawn, the next is just korean professionals, and I have no idea why I am in either of those... . So assuming that it is realistic, and not that we are being screwed over by matchmaking ignoring it, give us the option to only be matched to those close to us. I would gladly wait twice as long if it meant a semi-competent team who at least knew that items exist and could find their asses without the aid of a map, compass, and flashlight.

    5.: Put the damn russians on their own servers. [edited by mod]

    I am sure that people have better ideas than me, and even that there will be that one guy who just says that I suck and I should git gud, but again, if I am shit, then pit me against other shit people at least. This is becoming so frustrating that Paladins may become the first game I quit not because shit like HiRez literally locking me out of my account for a full BP, but because the matchmaking just makes it an unplayable gamble...

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