Fix your game

  • Fix your ban system . Fix your matchmaking system . You force solo que players to play with premade .Most of them trolling , making you mad , than they report you and you get banned . No matter that your entire team is troll , they just die and they insta lock and they miss any comunication in the lobby cause they are premade and they will pick whatever they want , and you suppose to pick whatever they say ( btw you should play always tank ) . And if you dont , they report you and you get ban. When you start spamming game commands you get ban. When you swear , you get ban . No matter what you will get ban . And once you get ban after that you ll get ban all the time for 1 to 3 days maybe a week or permanent. You cant even logout cause your system is ridicolous.

  • Moderator

    Please provide actual fix suggestions in feedback threads. Otherwise, please use the Rage Thread.


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