Fix Primal Court!!!

  • This is the most broken out of all the Onslaught maps. No matter what anyone does, all a sniper like Kinessa or Strix need to do is sit next to their spawn, one shot anybody without even aiming, and as soon as they take one point of damage, they slink back to their spawn where they are instantly healed and protected from any and all damage. Something else thats fun they can do: They can barely poke out so they can shoot while taking no damage themselves!

    This has to be an oversight, because I doubt any rational developer would make this a feature.

    PLEASE make it so you can't go back into your start after you've left it!

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    @DustyFnMac I have never had a problem with snipers on that map at all. I've said it before, if you just stay in the centre without your team, it's an easy win because you're essentially either forcing the sniper to come out or if they don't, it's a 4v5.

  • Sadly, most onslaught threads are ignored because most players only play siege. They do not care about onslaught map balance.

    Snipers camping outside their base in primal court is a real problem in onslaught. It's too safe they lock down 1/3 of the map by doing this.

    A bigger problem with primal court is spawn camping or spamming at enemy spawn doors. There are only 2 spawn doors so only 2 players are required to spam the doors to punish anyone from coming out. This is a typical tactic used by any half decent team, especially 5 stacks. Just have dredge and bk spam each side and the enemy team will be trapped in spawn. Gg with over 300 point difference.

    Marauders port also has the same problem because of only 2 spawn doors that are close to each other.

    Every onslaught map has a huge problem whether it be too sniper friendly due too lack of flank routes, spawn camping abuse due bad spawn door placement, or squatting abuse due to the capture point being too big with optimal areas to hide in.

    But nobody cares about onslaught.

  • Onslaught and TDM are the only modes my friends and I play, we can't stand Siege, takes too long and its never balanced right. I just wish they'd put effort into their game! That and hardly any map variation when the same map comes up 90% of the time. Also, if you queue JUST for Onslaught, they give you horrible match ups where its basically 2 v 5 so you do a multiqueue with TDM and you JUST get TDM 99% of the time. Its really ruining the game for us, and we've played daily for over a year!

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