• Dissclaimer: We explore the official lore, but our events are created for FUN and FANMADE.

    What is RealmNights?

    RealmNights was created by Chiva in August 2018, and was aimed to be a series of themed events for the Paladins community. The events are host on twitch by BritneyCroft on PC, DrakeToothGames on PS4 and by Chiva on XboxOne. Through the past months the popularity and support of the community has been insane that we were invited to join the Paladins partner program in January 2019.

    In April 2019, we decided to make changes to the core of our events and we introduced a new category, fanmade lore events . Our lore events couldnt be created without the support of the Paladins community and by a group of 5 Paladins lore enthusiasms: Tetrapakz, FarceDawn, PwnDotCom, Marshallow and Chiva is the project manager.

    This thread will be updated every time we have an event.

    Below are our first two fan lore events:

    Dark Ambition June 17th 2019
    IMG_0620 (1).JPG

    Dark Ambition tells the story of Elisia Hertrich, and is a fan lore event based 10 years before the crystals war. For this event, we explored the personality of some champions, red crystals and the introduction of our first character: Elisia Hertrich, Magistrate Karne's research and occultism speciality.

    Dark Ambition lore story

    Dark Ambition lore video

    Dark ambition skins:

    Elisia Hertrich, art by Marshallow


    Elisia Hertrich, art by Marshallow

    Undercover Vivian, art by Marshallow vIytZ8z.png

    Undercover Lian, art by Marshallow

    Dark Ambition logo, art by Tetrapakz

    Summer Frost August 17th 2019


    We explored the relation between the mages Imani, Evie, and Moji. The frost elemental, Tyra’s rivalry with Mal’damba And Mal’damba’s personality. Summer frost is the first part of two events. The second part is coming in October 2019.

    Summer Frost lore story

    Summer frost lore video

    Summer Frost art

    Imani, art by Marshallow

    Season witch Moji, art by Marshallow

    Ice elemental Evie, art by Marshallow

    Summer Frost logo by Tetrapakz


    Last week was our Halloween event, "Sorrows Night" and i want to share to the community the arts, lore we created for this event.

    Lore: Sorrows Night explore the rivalry between Wekono with the Abyss. Summer frost was the first part of this event, and in that event we explored how Damba strenghted his magic powers and start poisoning the realm.

    Below are the arts for Sorrows Night, arts by Marshallow:

    Sorrows Night skins, designed by Marshallow. We call them, the wekono minions

    Wekono Torvald

    Wekono Bomb King EGg130JWwAIKXGe.jpg

    Wekono Talus

    Wekono Damba

    For Sorrows Night, we created our first champion:

    Lacu The depth-dweller and the crew. They are krakis, a humanoid-acuatic race in the Realm and the crew of Admiral Dredge. Characters created by
    Chiva and designed by BlukiaR


    Orc Fest
    Paladins christmas event

    Art by Marshallow.

  • Hello Realm, i have updated this thread with the work we created for the Paladins Halloween event, thank you so much for your support.

    Our next event is for Holidays!

  • Greetings

    Its time to feel merry, y'all are invited to the Christmas event!

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