Aquarius, the Warden of the Depths

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    Conceptually, Aquarius is meant to be a CC-heavy tank with a lot of self-healing and a dependency on managing his Water resource, he is meant to be counterable by forcing out higher cost abilities and with Cauterize, but he also has a lot of potential to keep enemies under persistent CC and also to negate a lot of damage or for mobility with the right builds. His main weakpoint is his lack of any real damage aside from Water Cannon and his inability to use his kit to its fullest potential without proper resource management.

    LORE: Aquarius is a timeless entity who's been the warden of the depths before even the written history of the Realm. The story of Aquarius, according to millenia old folk tales told by the Ska'Drin was that he was once a member of their race, and one of the founding members of their society as well as a commander of what was once an impressive naval fleet. That was until, out of greed to steal his wealth, his first mate threw him overboard in a treacherous act of mutiny. But it would not go unpunished, as the tale goes, as Aquarius sinks to the bottom of the sea, a magic comes over him that grants immortality and the form of a sea star, as well as powers beyond any mortal's comprehension. Aquarius scuttles his betrayer's ship, and kills the entire crew. Aquarius then supposedly gave life and sentience to the being that would be Makoa to protect the Ska'Drin from other usurpers and invaders, as well as be his voice to them. Now that the realm is falling into a catastrophic war that may be the end to the Ska'Drin, Aquarius must come out of the depths, and fight with the Resistance once more to protect his brethren.

    Maximum Health: 4000
    Movement Speed: 360

    NOTE: All of Aquarius' abilities function based on his Water meter, which generates 3% every 2 seconds, 8% on kills, and 5% on assists. For every 8% stored, Aquarius heals for 1% of his maximum health every second. Aquarius' abilities do not have cooldowns, only costing a percentage of Water (can store up to 100%, obviously).

    Left Click- Water Cannon
    In exchange for 10% Water per shot, Aquarius fires a blast from his water cannon, dealing 10 tics of 75 direct damage per shot once every second. It also applies a medium knockback.

    Right Click- Aqua Barrier
    In exchange for 40% Water, Aquarius absorbs all incoming damage for 4 seconds. Damage absorbed this way is converted into Water at a rate of 1% Water per 200 damage.

    Q- Aqua Pulse
    In exchange for 20% Water, Aquarius hits all enemies within 40 units with a pulse of water, dealing 400 area damage and slowing them 40% for 1.5 seconds.

    W- Wave Rider
    In exchange for 30% Water, Aquarius rides a tidal wave 60 units forward over 1 second. If he would collide with an enemy (or the wave which is 10 feet across would), they are dealt 300 area damage and slowed 30% for 1 second.

    ULT- Ocean's Might ["Feel the Fury of the Eight Seas!"]
    Aquarius fills the entire map with water 15 feet deep for a period of 5 seconds, slowing enemies by 60% while they are beneath the top of the water and heals all allies by 5% of their max HP (doubled for Aquarius) every second they are beneath the top of the water. This ability costs no water, only ultimate charge.


    Surfing Star-
    Wave Rider only costs 20% Water and slows for 40%, but no longer deals damage to enemies Aquarius or the wave would collide with.

    Poseidon's Trident-
    Casting Aqua Pulse costs 30% Water, but also spawns a Trident in the middle for 3 seconds that pulls enemies into it (at a rate of 300 MS). At the end of those 3 seconds, enemies within 30 feet are dealt 300 more area damage and slowed 30% for 1.5 seconds.

    Oceanic Bulwark-
    For 2 seconds after Aqua Barrier's duration ends, Aquarius gains 30% damage reduction.

    This is sort of a rough concept, so I would appreciate input.

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