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  • Just a thought here. I just spent 60k on Khan. I will probably not regret this decision seeing that I like frontlines that fit on Khan's mould (though Khan requires a bit too much aim for my liking, but I guess I have to practice that)

    three questions regarding him

    1⃣ Which talent is the most useful? I don't have Vortex Grip yet, but it's so... tempting. I kinda like Storm of Bullets if I'm not the only tank, but I mostly like Lian's Shield since... I can just hold down bulwark and spam battle shout... and end up not dying from frontal attacks using my loadout.

    2⃣ So, for a more aggressive loadout, how do I build? Currently I reduce battle shout cooldown by 4 seconds, increase bulwark charge rate by 20%, gain 2 steps of additional healing when bulwark is active, heal 75 health when bulwark is on, and reduce commander's grab cooldown 1 step.

    3⃣ How do I use his ult effectively? I mean, throwing tanks of cliffs is fun, but, I feel like I can maximize and make better use of his ult.

    Thanks guys!

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    1. Storm of Bullets is generally considered his best talent, though Vortex is also good if you can land the grabs, especially on maps with a lot of ledges.

    2. When I use SoB, my cards are:
      Lifetaker V- eliminations reduce active cooldowns by 40%.
      Platemail IV- increases max health by 600.
      Never Surrender III- reduces the cooldown of Shout by 3 seconds.
      Into the Breach II- Using Shout grants 16% MS for 3 seconds.
      Excessive Force I- Increases magazine size by 2.

    3. That's one way you can use his ult, but you can also grab somebody (support, DPS, tank, whatever) with your ult and let your team kill them.

    But this is from somebody who really doesn't play all that much Khan, so... I just prefer about half of the tank roster over him.

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