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  • @TangAce That 0.5 sec cd allows you to go to other, more important target faster. That's the point of going lvl 5. Her healing output is fine even with SF 3.

    Anyway, thanks for advices and information. Is there a limit on how many gifs/images I can post?

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    @TangAce When I play everyone is under some level of caut for almost the entire match.

    In the case of Seris there is the possibility the teammate will get off caut for a little bit during the heal cycle which you would likely miss out on if you had waited to start the cycle - This part is what makes Mortal Reach preferred for heal bot style. More chance of getting a decent heal in there.

    With supports that are burst heal in nature then the heal timing becomes more important.

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    true that Seris isn't burst, but if one doesn't have caut, 1sec is enough to full life damage and tanks if the later has rejuv, during afight, the moment I see someone without caut I would heal him if possible, until caut is applied again, mostly they have to clean caut for 1-2sec, which isn't hard, mortal reach isn't bad, but in the end it brings nothing more to seris, you become a bot heal who will lose when enemy team reach caut 3, seriously, do you see many Seris wining late game?

    Seris is considered bad, because of the way she's played by 99% of the playerbase, so probably it means bot healing simply doesn't work with her (with any support actually), if you look at stats she has the lowest winrate in higher elo, so one can assume it doesn't work, that's why I'm trying to bring something else to the table, to show that she can be played in a different way that does help to win

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    No arguing that healing when they aren't under caut is the most efficient. I find it's just not realistic to expect it.

    Combining my two accounts to get more samples, I have an average match time of around 12 minutes for my 35 ranked Seris matches. 68% win rate. I'm 99% certain that all those matches are with Mortal Reach.

    Some of those wins are longer matches where multiple enemies had caut 3 online - I'm sure I'm not the only one. Some of the losses are for short matches. I can't say with any definitive proof if it would have been easier or harder with another talent for those longer matches. Strictly speaking for my tier... Most matches, a decent team is going to win before many enemies can get enough credits for caut 3 anyway.

    I can't say why she doesn't work well in high tiers but I would venture a guess that it's the slow traveling orbs. When I play SC, I normally don't do all that much more damage than I do with MR. Higher health is a definite plus. It's only when I have potato enemies that I notice a significant difference - because I can hit them easily.

    Not trying to discourage alternatives - just giving my input.

  • What is a healbot?

  • This thread is over A YEAR old.

    Damn, I was so obnoxious here.

    Also @Christlike healbot means all you do is heal and nothing else.

  • @TTraw Oh. Well I play a lot of Seris and if im going mortal reach my main priority are heals. I think I could be considered healbotish at times but her heal is a 2 second cool down lol. And hits the whole group.. Soul collector is when I want to rekt it.

    I Really do think that that's a bad explanation for a strategy. The OP wasnt really making the point it seemed that healboting is inefficient but that being perceived as one is bad... I get you want to lay spread coverage with healing Seris. Why I run Soul leech 2. But I also run Soul forge 5 and heal without excuse or hesitation as much as I can.

    I think also soul forge might have been different when this guide was made.

  • @Christlike said in How to Seris:

    Soul forge 5

    Don't use Soul Forge. It only adds 3units aoe range per level, making it one of least effective cards in her arsenal.

    I am eagerly waiting for this thread to be locked due to 1 year necro lol.

  • @TTraw every thread in this forum is at least a year old.

  • @Christlike I mean this one is cleeaaarly outdated. Seris got tons of changes in Season 3 which this thread doesn't account for. If you wanna learn sth then go to mine instead, I tend to update it quite regularly.

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